Higher Self + Densities

Higher Self (simultaneous) Incarnation Cycle266-reverse-time-recreations
Final 3D Incarnation Candidates
As the final 3D [really 4th Density in consciousness] incarnation rolls up all previous incarnational fragments into one unit, the remaining individual becomes the Higher Self.
Options abound, a few in the East develop their Rainbow Diamond Body, in the West they're more likely to share insights about the structure itself, nature offers the key, simply the most efficient way to pack and store primordial consciousness units.
As we have shown in previous pages, golden ratio defines fractality, where recursively smaller fundamental prime phi tetra scale down in size - infinitely, while each and every one of these phi tetrahedra, in this recursive scaling cascade contains an infinite number of smaller self similar phi tetra. Golden tetrahedra pack to form golden rhombic structures.
SubPlanck scale, the superluminal, is a domain of thought creation, thoughts become plasma creations, inhabitable waveforms.
This realization of fractal scaling defines Unity Consciousness.344-thought-generated-plasma

Val Valerian studied Robert Monroe's work and has some useful insights

There are astral entities all around this planet. Most likely one of them decided to engage an attack on you for some reason. The famous entity that emanated from you to repel the attack was you in another time period. That it came to your rescue, gives you a glimpse of the special abilities a simultaneous Higher Self has.

Simultaneous incarnating and re-incarnation is a little tricky to understand. What most people think is re-incarnation is actually simultaneous incarnating. Most of the Elite and other incarnates in the galaxy (Billions of Them) go through a process of re-incarnation. It is what they understand well and have virtually no clue about the simultaneous path.

The difference between the two paths is this. A Higher Self on the re-incarnation path projects ONE stream of energy in to the Milky Way and animates a body. When that body dies, the stream shifts over to animate another body and on and on it goes. That higher self gathers its experiences one by one and retains memories of past incarnations. A very slow way to develop from a simultaneous point of view.

When a Higher Path chooses and switches from the re-incarnation path to the simultaneous path, all access to memories of previous re-incarnations are blocked. Now that Higher Self  begins with a clean slate (no baggage carryover). The simultaneous Higher Self projects multiple streams of energy (hundreds or thousands) to animate bodies in a huge variety of situations and astrological combinations on ONE PLANET, all at the same moment. The simultaneous Higher Self is not limited by time, as time is simply another frequency.

The one planet at a time in the galaxy that is chosen to host the simultaneous path has the features built in, to easily move through time. However only a simultaneous path Higher Self is capable of using these features. You should by now be able to get an idea of why the simultaneous path is the FAST TRACK to GRADUATION. Hundreds or thousands of incarnations at the same moment as opposed to one by one.

It is true, a simultaneous pather does not have the technical, genetic and military knowledge. Simply because on Earth it was not a big part of life until recently with mass communications. However true growth is spiritual as complete mastery of your lightside/Darkside nature and the many combinations of Astrological signs is the Ultimate.
You need this mastery in order to function in higher densities. Technical, Genetic and Military knowledge is a 3-d with some carryover to 4-d event. Where the graduated simultaneous Higher Self is headed will make 3-d, 4-d experiences look like kindergarten.

The level tag refers to the AMOUNT of each level in ANY incarnation at any specific time. These can also alter during any incarnation. They also remain fixed during most low and mid-levels because true progression is for Advanced levels. If you are 98% low and 2% mid, that incarnation is considered low level. If you are 53% mid and 47% low, you are a mid level incarnation. 5% low, 35% mid and 60% Advanced is Advanced level. You can see why it takes hundreds and hundreds of incarnations to proceed from 100% low to Final level

*Please keep in mind that the perspective level of the incarnation of YOUR Higher Self energy that is using the body you are 'in' for experience, in terms of perspective level, is irrelevant, since ALL your incarnations ARE of YOU, so enjoy the one you're having - its one of many going on all at once, presuming your Higher Self is in simultaneous mode. If your Higher Self is having ALL THESE AT ONCE, what does it matter?* *

The Incarnational Perspective spectrum you have at any one time is a _composite_ of different aspects of your incarnational perspective which are at different levels.* See again, the first paragraph at the top.

*Low-Level Perspective 3rd Density Incarnations*
Low incarnations are those when the spirit is totally body ruled. The Higher Self chooses all genders and sexual orientations for the experiences of just being them. The Higher Self sets very few parameters for these basic incarnations. As with Monroe's incarnations, some of his stated low levels were to be born in the US (early 20th century), as a woman (Africa), and as an aggressive man (warrior). Time, as you can see from this, was of no consequence.
Low level incarnations deal with basic 3rd density experiences. Low levels are totally body- oriented. Some of these experiences include sex, basic physical needs, subsistence levels, fear-based religions, basic polarity functions and 'me' centered. Low levels, while very basic, are necessary to build mid-level experiences on. Low incarnations are just this - basic experiences. As basic experiences add to the Higher Self's experience pool, the parameters are increased. No longer is it sufficient JUST to be born in a certain location or gender, the desire is for even more set experiences. Breeding is rampant in low and mid-level incarnations. This is part of the process. Low incarnations are self-oriented and surrender to 3rd density 'higher authorities'. Religion becomes the opiate of the masses during low incarnations due to fears of non-existent, but believed-to-be-existent deities. Polarities (Light & Dark) pull for allegiances here. Low levels tend to be the foot soldiers of polarities.

*Mid Level Perspective 3rd Density Incarnations*
Mid-level incarnations occur gradually as the Higher Self's needs become more complex and shim desires greater experiences. Mid-levels learn from others, act in groups and look for conformity and traditions. There is fear of treading away from the group, of being 'different'. While religion does move from fear-based to tradition-oriented during the mid-levels. Mid-levels will ignore spirituality for the false, anti-spirituality of religion. Mid-levels remain deaf to who they really are and prefer to give their power away, as in low levels, to non-existent deities and aliens posing as deities. Mid-levels prime concerns are families, work, and genealogies (being their physical body's line). They greatly resist any changes to their routines that do not enhance their false beliefs. They ARE their bodies. Everyone else's opinions have great effect on them.
Mid-level incarnations become more involved. Society's demands are significant to this level. Conformity sets in. Self-oriented is blended in with society demands. Mid-level is very concerned with others' opinions. Mid-levels seek conformity. Religious conformity is continued due to traditions more than blind fear belief. Mid-levels love to say how they keep up religious traditions. Fear of non-existent deities still continues, but more on the surface than deeply held. Even though in twilight years, mid-levels return to religion strongly, it's to hedge bets on what might follow impending incarnational ending.

Mid-levels tend to thrive on restrictions and traditions. Many, in this era, long for the 1950's, an illusionary period of tradition. Southern states white Americans, however, long for the 1850's! When the Higher Self tires of the boring routine of mid-level incarnations (this WILL happen as the Higher Self is easily bored), and the spirit strains against the alien DNA commands in the physical body, there is a pull to explore the psychic and other densities. This is far easier to ease into by choosing a series of female incarnations for this transition since the psychic left brain is most active in a female body. The female experiences into the psychic world allow the spirit to RE-familiarize shimself with the REAL you and the REAL worlds of higher densities. After becoming familiar with aspects of the psychic, the Higher Self will insist on using the more powerful male incarnations. This may start out as gay incarnations since in gay bodies, certain alien DNA commands are shorted out and allow left brain to function equal with right. Once an advanced enough spirit is comfortable, male bodies are incarnated into advanced states. After this, the Higher Self will choose incarnations not based on gender, but on a growing list of parameters. Traditional religions are discarded with advancement. Spiritual religions have their pull - wicca, for example. As the spirit advances, though, shim realizes that NO religion will do as they are all artificial controls that give away power to non-existent gods/goddesses.
When this is realized and firmly grasped, the incarnation moves into Very Advanced states. Mid-levels start their transitions into Advanced levels when belief in religion waivers and the limits of marriage begin to strain on them. They dip their toes into psychic realms. Tarot readings and astrology are 2 of the most popular routes into psychic realms. Once familiar and accepting of these systems and the world of the psychic, the percentage of Advanced begins to cause mid and low levels to decline with that individual Higher Self. The psychic and the spiritual become increasingly interesting to this transitional incarnation and curiosities become greater. Note: Sequential mode incarnations (aliens and all the rest in this galaxy) cannot progress by beyond a mid-level perspective. They cannot comprehend simultaneous mode incarnations, their own next step as their own higher selves evolve. Once, our Higher Selves were like theirs.

*Low-Advanced Level Perspective 3rd Density Incarnations*
Low Advanced levels are those with a curiosity into the spiritual. Note, that is 'spiritual' and not 'religious'. Organized religious conformity belongs to the Low and the Mid levels. The main feature of low Advanced is an active curiosity into topics forbidden by the organized religions of the Low and Mid stages of incarnation. Low Advanced have an interest in psychic related matters and will ask questions about them with genuine interest. What is different about this level and higher Advanced is that this level does not really have any interest in personal development of their psychic talents. They can occasionally visit a tarot reader or astrologer or may not go beyond intellectual curiosity. Low Advanced are continually torn between these developing interests and the deceptions of the Game in regard to belief systems. The low Advanced can identify themselves as a member of any organized religion, but in name only. They rarely, if ever, go to church. They can also identify themselves as atheists. This is part of the restlessness of the spirit and a need for change and progression. Low Advanced is the start of breaking away from the Game and spiraling out of the Game. There are loosely organized/solitary religions that are part of the upper lower Advanced/lower mid-Advanced levels. Wicca and paganism are the most prominent. These belief systems have psychic development interwoven with their ancient beliefs of respect for nature and their one rule: As long as you don't harm anyone else, including yourself, do what you will. This is a combination step away from all organized religious beliefs, one godder religions that are in place to attempt to keep you away from spiritual development. These levels no longer claim any connection to the Game's organized religions, but yet they are not yet ready to move into higher Advancement that needs no type of religion. These low Advanced religions have strong thrusts into learning predictive methods and developing other psychic talents. While they encourage individuality, they still give away their power to external deities. The organized religions of the Low and Mid levels despise these religions. Those who manipulate the masses with organized religions know that these religions lead you away from their false beliefs and assist you in finding your Higher Self. The use of the control word 'sin' is extremely popular by those seeking to control you. A sin is anything that you do that offends the control of the church. Sin, like karma, does not exist except if you believe it. Sin can be thought of as another word for independent experience.

*Mid-Advanced Level Perspective 3rd Density Incarnations*
In the Mid-Advanced levels, one decides that they have had enough of the transitory solitary/loosely organized religions. They have served their purpose in your progression. This may take several incarnations, but you are moving forward now and will not be held back. The reason why so many female incarnations exist in the mid-Advanced levels is due to the female physical being more adaptable to learning the basics of psychic development. The incarnating spirits do better in psychic learning in female bodies. There are male incarnations in the mid-Advanced levels as well. These are also more Advanced spirits who will progress from mid to Very Advanced levels in one incarnation in most cases.

*Very Advanced Level Perspective 3rd Density Incarnations*
When the Higher Self's incarnations have learned what is needed in psychic development via the female vehicle, shim is then ready to merge the core learning from the female with the superior creative power of the male physical. While there are both males and females in the Very Advanced levels, the male physical is most formidable when occupied by a Very Advanced or Final incarnating spirit. It is a step up to move one's psychic learning into a male body. If you have difficulty with that, you are still body ID'd and see the body as more important than the spirit. The Very Advanced stages learn psychic talents easily. This is due to them having been successful in learning them in other lives during the mid-Advanced levels. Discovery and reliance on your Higher Self is a characteristic of the Very Advanced level. Some, at this level, are quite adept at the psychic arts. Others choose to have different experiences. The Very Advanced levels are where there is a tremendous amount of exploration/discovery in preparation for your Final Incarnation. The discoveries of your Very Advanced are directed, by the Dominant Incarnations, into the Final Incarnation for Awakening. Dominant incarnations (every Higher Self has 3 or 4 of them) are always Advanced incarnations, usually Very Advanced. The Higher Self sets these incarnations for specific purposes to bring certain traits into the Final Incarnation. Dominant incarnations have limited access to the Higher Self AND do meet in the Higher Self in order to compose the Final Incarnation. If a Dominant incarnation is very psychic oriented, this incarnation will have much input. With a minimally psychic Dominant incarnation, the concern is not so great to that incarnation since shim knows what input the incarnation has that the Final needs and will be given. Dominant incarnations will carefully watch over the Final Incarnation until the Final becomes Awakened to who shim is. Once the Awakening has occurred, the Dominants have finished their prime purposes

Final 3rd Density Incarnation for each Higher Selfrt-dihedral



Val's symbolic Higher Self.


*Awakened Final 3rd Density Incarnation*
Running with the spiritual thread given by the Higher Self, the incarnation Awakens and looks at the world around shimself with new eyes, seeing the Game for what it is and desiring not to play any of the Game that is not necessary. The Higher Self doesn't reach FULL potential until the Final Incarnation has died, thus releasing the Higher Self and permanently freeing shim from the physical. The long journey through 3rd density is over. Final Incarnations are the “omega” of 3rd density experiences. Finals have total access to all of the Higher Self's incarnations. Remember, ALL incarnations of that individual Higher Self are YOU. When the Final incarnation is finished, all incarnations from all time periods are simultaneously ended and their energies are pulled back into the Higher Self. The only one that remains active is the unique Final Incarnation. Once the Final Incarnation has ended, the Final becomes the completed Higher Self and then departs to a higher density as a single, complete Being for new, vastly different experiences.

Interstellar and Intergalactic Travel

Galactic travel via inner space - building and inhabiting a plasma starship to explore the galaxy and beyond. While the Monroe program STARLINES is useful, we developed our own route years before, which turned out to be almost identical, although knowing Space-Time is Golden ratio our version of Voyager-8 was Triacontahedron.289-232-304


During this advanced program, explore life and consciousness beyond the Earth/Human realm. Travel through the solar system and familiarize yourself with the consciousness of each planet, retrieve memories, and receive messages/communications. As you experience this “Different Overview,” you will have the unique opportunity to also:

Awaken past and future memories associated with distant energy systems
Discover your relationship with other life forms
Experience the Infinite Sea of what Bob Monroe called the “I-There Clusters”
Reclaim, remember, and integrate parts of Self
Explore the consciousness portal known as the Stargate of the Galactic Core
Make contact with higher intelligence and higher inner guidance
Begin your new role as a “galactic ambassador”
Bring back to Earth the patterns, perceptions, and visions which allow humanity and all Earth life to more easily attune to life-affirming futures.

In keeping with the continuing development of methods and techniques promoting the evolution of human consciousness, this qualitative study of STARLINES, a graduate residential program at The Monroe Institute, examined the subjective reports of one hundred and one volunteer participants from five seminar programs. STARLINES is a program designed for the exploration of the expansive physical universe and its connectedness with consciousness itself.
The research methodology applied an interpretive approach based on hermeneutics and phenomenology. Participant in-program questionnaires were analyzed with three different techniques: hermeneutics (word meaning), semiotics (symbol interpretation), and the narrative and metaphor (story analysis) method using computer- analysis software, QSR Nvivo® Version 1.2.142 for a Pentium®-class personal computer. Statistical comparisons were made with Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis (SISA) from Quantitative Skills, Consultancy for Research and Statistics.
Results of this study indicate that using Hemi-Sync® exercises in conjunction with outer-space telescopic research to provide a launch pad, STARLINES successfully uses inner space—consciousness itself—to explore outer space.  STARLINES helps participants to reclaim, remember (re-member, assemble once again) and integrate parts of Self with I-There, I-There Clusters, and knowledge of Total Self. STARLINES delves into the inner realms of Focus-34/35 and beyond establishing and strengthening the link between Earth and the Galactic Core, the central point of our Milky Way galaxy, a consciousness portal or Stargate and a means to enter the creative stream of the Great Emitter.
Since the fall of 2003, The Bob Monroe Research Lab has been studying the subjective descriptions and experiences of participants attending the resident graduate program at The Monroe Institute called STARLINES. The material being studied has been provided by participants completing questionnaires after experiencing Hemi-Sync® exercises within the program. STARLINES seminar participants access their experiences via expanded states of consciousness engendered through practice and immersion in the Hemi-Sync auditory-guidance process, a sound technology developed by The Monroe Institute.
The Hemi-Sync auditory-guidance process involves verbal instruction combined with carefully constructed blends and sequences of binaural-beat sound patterns designed to evoke beneficial brainwave states through neurological mechanisms.
Right and left auditory input is combined in the brainstem’s superior olivary nucleus and routed to the reticular formation that, in turn, uses neurotransmitters to initiate changes in neurological activity in the thalamus and cerebral cortex.
The effectiveness of the Hemi-Sync process results in part from the unique combinations of binaural-beat sound frequencies embedded at very low volume within each audio program. Hemi-Sync sounds that support mental concentration differ from those that help one fall asleep and differ yet again from the embedded sound frequencies that promote intuitive or creative states of consciousness.
Hemi-Sync Neurological Effect
Considerations in the development of STARLINES included the concept that throughout history, humans have looked to the stars to know God, and likewise, know more about themselves. Human knowledge of the heavens and the physical universe has expanded rapidly in recent years. In 1923, the words “universe” and “galaxy” were synonymous. In the past few years, due to our amazing space telescopes, we have been able to “see” more galaxies than we can count. Our scientists now estimate that our universe contains hundreds of billions of galaxies, most with hundreds of billions of stars.
To reflect on the size, composition, energy, movement, and patterns of creation in our physical universe is naturally consciousness expanding. And yet, each new discovery raises more questions and arouses still more curiosity.
What are the relationships between awareness, being, and physical expression as we move into harmony with these cosmic patterns? What is the interplay between consciousness and manifest form, the physical world?
Within the structure of the Hemi-Sync auditory- guidance process, a specific level of consciousness known as Focus-34/35 serves as a launch pad for exploring the mystery and majesty of energy systems throughout our Milky Way galaxy and beyond. Along the way, participants explore the energetic black hole/Stargate of the Galactic Core, discerning its potential to aid in “warp-speed” transformation.
Program participants move gradually into new states of awareness, being, and perception through Focus-42 and Focus-49 during the six-day adventure. Aided by hundreds of images from space telescopes, and sound translations of the radiations from various celestial bodies, participants collectively journey into inter-dimensional frontiers— seeking, asking, observing—awakening past and future memories associated with these distant energy systems, and thereby reclaiming Total Self.
As the program draws to an end, participants develop an even greater awareness of what are referred to as I-There1, the I-There Cluster, and the bonded relationships with other I-There Clusters; experiencing the love, joy, and freedom of wholeness; the empowerment of purpose; and transcendent peace.
As participants explore, they forge and strengthen pathways for others to follow. They expand the connections linking our beloved planet Earth and the energetic sources which nurture her.
Unique to the STARLINES format is the recognition that as a representative delegation of earth-human-consciousness, participants traverse time and space as Galactic Ambassadors. From this “different overview,” participants bring back to Earth the patterns, perceptions, and visions, which allow humanity, and all Earth life, to more easily attune to life-affirming futures.
Bob Monroe wrote about the I-There as being an expression of self, containing all previous and present life personalities. There was described as, “The (M) Field energy spectrum in nonphysical form separate from time-space.”
Investigative Methodology:
Previous research efforts at The Monroe Institute using quantitative approaches, laboratory experiments, and numerical methods such as statistical modeling, have been objective rather than subjective and have aimed at understanding, prediction and control of the neurological underpinnings of the Hemi-Sync effect—what Hemi-Sync does to your brain. This present investigation, on the other hand, quite differently seeks insight and knowledge of phenomena and the subjective experiences of STARLINES participants exploring inner states of consciousness.
The purpose of the STARLINES qualitative-research endeavor is congruent with the Bob Monroe Research Lab’s traditional intent—the continuing development of methods and techniques that will promote the evolution and growth of human consciousness. Ultimately, we hope that our findings will enable us to enhance the Institute’s educational curriculum and inspire a greater understanding and cultural acceptance of humankind’s true nature.
To facilitate the collection and documentation of subjective information relevant to the STARLINES explorations, participants were asked to provide written descriptions of their experiences upon completion of sixteen specific Hemi-Sync exercises. To provide a degree of experimental control, participants were told not to look at the questions to be addressed prior to completing a specific exercise. Questionnaires were distributed just prior to each exercise. Some “questions” were multiple-choice interrogatives and others were phrased as directives to describe various experiences.
Participants were encouraged to describe their experiences as though they were making entries in a personal journal. Participation in the STARLINES survey effort was voluntary and not all participants completed the questionnaires (101 out of 120 did) and not all those who completed questionnaires did so for all sixteen exercises or answered all the questions.

The first Hemi-Sync exercise of interest, called Intro to Voyager 8, involves the use of a mental construct or “mind tool” called Voyager 8. The concept used here is similar to a thought experiment wherein a hypothetical spaceship (Voyager 8) explores the solar system collecting information. The greater investment one makes in the mental construct, the higher the probability of developing interesting information during the exploration, hence the use of Hemi- Sync to enhance focused states of consciousness and guided imagery to set the stage.
Mentally, Voyager 8 becomes an inter-dimensional space vehicle that serves as home base for STARLINES explorers. It functions much like a mini-cruise ship for a tour of new energy systems. It has a shimmering golden dome and some participants may be able to perceive the large TMI logo emblazoned in several locations. Entering Voyager 8, passengers find a circular room, the generator room, furnished with large, comfortable padded chairs around the perimeter. Each passenger affixes a personal identification code (PIC) to his or her seat. Looking forward, beyond the railing, in the center lays a flat translucent surface. Suspended above this surface, a large six-sided crystal generates energy necessary for navigation. It also serves as a homing beacon.

Thought Experiments
In philosophy, physics, and other fields, a thought experiment is an experiment that may not be feasible in practice but by imagining which one can (hopefully) come to some interesting conclusions.
Thought experiments have been used to pose questions in philosophy at least since Greek antiquity, some pre-dating Socrates. In physics and other sciences many famous thought experiments date from the 19th and especially the 20th Century, but examples can be found at least as early as Galileo.
Einstein relied heavily on thought experiments both in his derivation of relativity and in his arguments with Bohr about quantum mechanics.
Nikola Tesla, famous inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer used mental constructs. Tesla related in his autobiography that he experienced detailed moments of inspiration. From an early age Tesla would visualize an invention in precise form before moving to the construction stage.
Rotating a chair to face the outer wall of the Voyager 8 spacecraft orients a passenger directly in front of a personal viewing screen. A railing below the screen circles all the chairs. Touching this with both hands opens a hatch for a personal pod.
The personal pod is used at any time to leave the spaceship for personal exploration and interaction. To return to Voyager 8 an explorer simply thinks of his or her personal identification code on the chair in the generator room.
There is also a special place on Voyager 8 for every passenger. This personal area can be used for clearing, cleansing, healing, etc., or for communicating with new friends or personal guides.
To charge the crystal generator, passengers simply strengthen their own resonant energy balloons and then direct the energy into the crystal. As the energy in the crystal begins to build, the crystal seems to start spinning. Eventually it becomes less solid— appearing almost liquid—then eventually like a very light mist of energy that fills not only the generator room, but also the space outside of, beyond, and around Voyager.ancient-ancestors

Independent Plasma Space Station [Alpha2] of the Galactic Federation
The next Hemi-Sync exercise, Introduction to Space Station Alpha Squared and the Memory Room, is somewhat different from the previous exploration of the solar system and the intriguing expedition into the star systems of the local bubble.
In the consciousness state of Focus-42, another “mind tool” is introduced that could be described as a space station. Similar to Voyager 8, Space Station Alpha Squared is an inter-dimensional construct that can project into a variety of environs, locales that seem more or less solid from the perspective of the observer. Space Station Alpha Squared is not just one thing or one place but an array of perceptual venues. It provides a welcome opportunity for rest as well as further integration of the discoveries made during STARLINES explorations.
Voyager 8 is a mental construct of the STARLINES participants for collective use by the same. Space Station Alpha Squared, however, is thought to exist independently— created by beings representing many aspects of the time-space continuum, as well as those beyond time-space. As such, it is available for all voyagers who endeavor to become aware of its existence.
Visitors may perceive a docking bay at Space Station Alpha Squared and perhaps a large lobby area. The lobby area might resemble an elaborate, yet comfortably furnished and familiar hotel lobby, or perhaps a modern airport or cruise-ship terminal. The explorer’s own frame of reference will serve as a blueprint for what is perceived.
Within Space Station Alpha Squared various helpers and staff members escort visitors to private suites and serve as attendants and guides. “Behind” a locked doorway adjacent to the main living area in the private suites is a memory room for use in processing information in Focus-42 and beyond. In this space, an accelerated process for reclaiming/remembering Total Self is made possible with a memory chair. The memory chair provides images, impressions, emotions, experiences, purposes, intentions, and connections of the I-There Cluster and allows them to flow freely into awareness.

Independent Plasma Space Station Alpha-X
The next exercise, Intro Focus-49 Exploring the Local Group Including the Andromeda Galaxy, expands the voyages of the STARLINES participants beyond the boundaries of the Milky Way. Focus-49 is the state from which it becomes easy to perceive the seemingly infinite sea of bonded I-There Clusters and continue to know and re-member (assemble again) Total Self.
In Focus-49, another “mind tool” called Space Station AlphaX is introduced. From this locale, still within the dimensional energies of the Milky Way, yet closer to the Stargate of the Galactic Core (described later in this report), participants are able to comfortably and clearly launch explorations of our surrounding galaxies. Space Station AlphaX is an ethereal milieu and may not appear solid to the observer, as did some of the areas on Space Station Alpha2.
Like Space Station Alpha2, Space Station AlphaX is thought to exist independently—created by beings representing many aspects of the time-space continuum, as well as those beyond time-space. From here, STARLINES explorers begin their voyages into the local group of galaxies close to the Milky Way.


Common spectrum of Human 'bodies'.
Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.56.32 am

Rhombic Triacontahedron - Monadic Sheath - Anupadaka - 6th sheath
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals

The Law of DisintegrationThis is the law that governs the destruction of the form in order that the indwelling life may shine forth in fullness. It is another aspect of the Law of Cohesion - the reverse side (if one might so express it), and is just as much a part of the divine plan as that of attraction. It is one of the laws that ends with the solar system, for the great laws of attraction, cohesion and love last on into that which is to come. The Law of Disintegration has its correspondence in cosmic law, but it is almost incomprehensible to us. The Law of Economy holds the key to this law. When the Monad has circled through all disintegrating forms, and has achieved the sixth Initiation, it is resolved into its primal monadic source, and the five lesser sheaths are destroyed. Later on the Monads themselves are synthesized, not disintegrated.

Cluster of Rhombic Triacontahedra


Allow for compression and expansion
Ellipsoid triaconta
Reciprocal space cells come later

Focus Levels
Focus 1: normal everyday waking consciousness
Focus 3: State of increased mental coherency and balance
Focus 10: Mind Awake/Body Asleep
Focus 12: A state of expanded awareness
Focus 15: State of no time
Focus 21: The edge of time/space - contact other energy systems.
Focus 22: live ones in comas, or the insane a chaotic level
Focus 23: dead "stuck" confused about or unaware of their death,ghosts
Focus 24,25,26: Belief Territories of Afterlifers
Focus 27: Afterlife free will created by humans resembling earth
Focus 34-35 group consciousness entities also known as the I-There, monad or oversoul.
Focus 35-41: Solar System, experience of planets.
Focus 42: Milky Way, Space Station Alpha, interstellar experiences, I-There clusters.
Focus 49: Galactic Centre Stargate, Space Station Alpha-X, intergalactic experience.


Symbolic analogy of Universe as Biocomputer, worth a read.
When Angels become angles.


Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.55.54 am

William Buehler picks up the story from his UT source, the contemporary Thoth:
ULTRA-Terrestrials (UT) are not Extra-Terrestrials.
“The Φ Rhombic dynamic was a spirit-to-matter manifest, in which time waves could be tripped and manipulated, and matter could be created through mental configuration of the Φ Rhombic field.”

Thoth on the ‘Chariot of the Sun’ (collective Merkabah)  “Divine Light vehicles created through recursive patterns of heart resonance. These are formed as a sentience or gathering of sentiences creates sacred geometric patterning between their heart seed or center of heart beingness and the Attasic state of Oneness. These patterns are defined through Divine Mind and developed by Divine Heart to conform to specific imprints of Divine Awareness, or I Am cognition. As such, a Merkabah is a transport containment field for a specific celebration of unity with the God-Source."


Tom Montalk: "We can summarily state that 1D, 2D, and 3D are locked into the physical plane when awake and incarnate, that 4D beings additionally have access to the etheric plane, and that 5D beings exist natively in the astral plane. The astral plane is more of an inner dimension of consciousness rather than something that underlies space-time like the etheric plane does.
The astral environment is completely nonlocal, nonphysical, dream-like, energy-based, and to some degree symbolic. It exists beyond space-time; some would call it time-space instead, a kind of mathematical inversion consisting of three dimensions of imaginary space and one of real time, which is opposite that of physicality as we know it. When near death or past life experiencers report visiting a wonderful realm of landscaped parks and relaxing benches in the afterlife, there is likely no actual grass and wooden benches in the astral plane, it’s just what their mind interprets of the abstract energies and constructs there, or what it creates via its own projections.
Note also that as long as a being has an astral body, under certain conditions it can shift its focal point of awareness into the astral environment. Therefore those of 2D, 3D, and 4D can access the astral plane (5D) during sleep, astral projection, and the afterlife. That is because the astral body is rooted in the astral plane even while we are awake and alive; it interfaces with the etheric and physical bodies via the chakra and meridian system, whose components function as translators, transducers, and transceivers between the physical and metaphysical.
Thus the 5th Density environment (the astral) can be visited by entities that are not necessarily 5th Density themselves."

The author may have closed his website, Pat Bull? went through the Monroe Starlines program, realising we shared similar experiences, we communicated for a few months. "This is the name I use to refer to the Higher Selves of our own Higher Selves. These will have consciousness planted at the 7th/8th density level (corresponding to Monroe focus levels 48/49) when they 'incarnate' into a Galaxy.  As the reader may know, 8th density begins after focus 49, once one goes past what Robert Monroe calls in his book Ultimate Journey 'the aperture'. It is basically a gateway/bridge, just as there is a bridge between physical and astral realms (focus 21) and there is a bridge between astral and mental (Spiritual) realms (focus 35). Beyond focus 49, consciousness goes beyond the galactic realm. These Great Selves are the ones who choose which Galaxy Game they would like to incarnate into. Their 'incarnations' are our Higher Selves, that become the major players, incarnating into different star systems (on planets) at different periods."

Inter-dimensional Association of Free Worlds (IAFW)

Massive Universal Service Organization assembled by the Yanas and Breneau Founders upon restatement of the Emerald Covenant Co-evolution Agreement.

Following the destruction of the Aramatena’s Star Gate-12 during the Lyran-Elohim Wars 250 billion years ago (See: Fallen Angelic), the Yanas appointed the Emerald Order Breneau and their Elohei-Elohim Feline-hominid Christos Founders Race as the Universal Security Team in our Time Matrix and formed the Inter-dimensional Association of Free Worlds (IAFW) under the tenets of the Emerald Covenant, creating a unified collective of intergalactic Guardian Angelic races form within our 15-Dimensional Time Matrix.

By combining their genetic templates the 3 Christos Founders races (The Anuhazi Elohei-Elohim, Cerez and Aethien, the Seraphei-Seraphin and the Inyu and Pegasai Bra-ha-Rama created a new genetic race line called the Azurite Eieyani who is carrying the most advance genetic code in out Time Matrix.

The Azurites were created by the Founder Races 250 billion years ago, specifically to allow for the Mechizedek Cloister (MC) Eieyani collective from the Energy Matrix and Density-5 Breneau Orders to incarnate directly into our Density system for crisis intervention.

The Azurite MC Eieyani Race was created to serve as the Azurite Universal Templar Security Team, the mobile extension of the IAFW Primary Guardian Administration and to promote the freedom based peaceful co-evolution agendas of the Emerald Covenant and to hold the main Security Seals of the 12 Primary Universal Star Gates in our Time Matrix.

The Density-5 administrative council of the Azurite Universal Templar Security Team, a specialized collective of the Emerald Order Elohei-Elohim Breneau Founders Race is called the MC Eieyani Master Council, whose members incarnate through the Sirius B Azurite lineage and following the creation of the Oraphim-Angelic Human lineage 568 million years ago, members of the MC Eieyani Master Council incarnate into density through the Oraphin-Angelic Human “Indigo Children” Human Grail Line.

The MC Eieyani Master Council is sometimes referred as the Sirian Council or the Azurite Council. They serve as the central administrative council for the IAFW efforts and as the primary liaison between the Yanas collectives in the Energy Matrix and the Guardian Nations within out Time Matrix.

The MC Eieyani Master Council of the IAFW was created after the Lyran-Elohim Wars 250 billion years ago, to reclaim and protect the Star Gates of the Universal Templar Complex, and our Time Matrix from destruction via Fallen Angelic Race dominion.

The IAFW was also commissioned to implement Genetic Bio-Regenesis Programs to assist the Fallen Angelic Races in reclaiming their original genetic integrity, so they could fulfill the intended evolutionary objective of Ascension out of the Time Matrix

Since their creation the Azurite Universal Templar Security Team and the IAFW have served the role of primary Guardian Race Administration, and protectors of the Emerald Covenant freedom agendas in our Time Matrix and continually labor to restore and maintain the structural integrity of it.

Their efforts include 15-dimensional, egalitarian political arbitration, progressive spiritual-science education and genetic Bio-Regenesis evolutionary healing opportunities among all manifest races, to inspire peaceful co-creative evolution and healing among all races manifest through continuation of the Founders Races’ Emerald Covenant Co-evolution Agreement treaties.

Presently there are over 25 billion different Interdimensional and interstellar Nations serving as active members of the IAFW.

(Voyages I – Page 163, 164)


The Aethien are not organic to your three-dimensional frequency band (see: Harmonic Universe) nor they are from parallel or adjacent Earths. Rather they originate from galaxies existing within the dimensions of adjacent Earths, which places them in our interdimensional/extraterrestrial category.

They represent a species superior to that of the Zeta, and come as emissaries of peace and growth toward brotherhood of all species.

Often appearing with the Zeta are the tall skeletal-like beings that upon closer inspection resemble in structure your earthly preying mantis insect.

These being are usually whitish or golden in color and can stand up to twelve feet tall.

The Aethien always work as teachers.

(Voyagers I – Page 9)


The Rhanthunkeana (ron than con’ a) are referred as the Ranthia.

They are from the distant in terms of your universe, but they have full mastery over the Time Portal System. (they are responsible, in part, for many of your crop circles).

The Ranthia are more advanced technologically and spiritually that are the Zeta, and they have been involved in your Earth culture since its beginning.

They have been the Guardias in many ways and have helped protect your species and planet form interference both multidimensionally and galactically.

The Ranthia also posses the ability to "park" between dimensional frequencies so as to appear invisible to your world.

Like the Zeta, the Ranthia often appear in your system as light formations, especially those manifest in spherical form.

They are not fully "matter based," biologically speaking. The physicality can be compared to what in your system appears to be water. That is, their "organic form" has the properties of fluidity you associate with the element water.

They can take on many forms because of this fluidity of form, yet they are conscious, sentient, intelligent race of beings.

(Voyagers I – Page 10)


Turaneusiam means “Children of the Lighted Ones” in the Anuhazi Language.

Master race of beings created approximately 560 million years ago, upon the planet Tara within the Second Harmonic Universe (HU-2) – Earth is presently in Harmonic Universe 1 (HU-1) – when may extra-terrestrial and meta-terrestrials races combined their genetic and energetic make-up to create a race that would serve as Guardians of the planet Tara.

Meta-terrestrials form the fourth and fifth Harmonic Universes were the founders of this project: The Turaneusiam-1 or T-1 experiment.

This period became known as the First World.

The Sirian Council from HU-2 among others, were appointed directors and overseers of the project working with a seed race called Lyrans from HU-3.

The Lyrans created a race in HU-3 called the Elohim, who would become overseers for the Sirian race in HU-2 – The Turaneusiam.

About eight million years into their evolution the Turaneusiam race divided into two primary racial strains that evolved together on one large landmass called E-Don.

1) The Alanians (sometimes referred as the Beli-Kudyem) - Alania

2) The Lumians (frequently called the Adami-Kudmon) - Lumia

Both races carried the original DNA - 12 Strand genetic code of the Turaneusiam lineage and both carried mutations and digressions of that code from interstellar inter-breeding with various unrelated ET strains.

Cultural disturbances escalated along with the continued digression of the Alanian and Lumian genetic strains, and hostility arose as the Alanians sought over the more passive Lumians.

Lumians foresaw a cataclysm by the increasingly dangerous Alanians and with help of the Sirian Council and the Elohim the Lumians moved to small, inhabited continent called Mu. Creating an organization called The Council of Mu and the Priesthood of Mu.

The Mu priesthood exists to this day and is a primary motivation force within certain Taran communities and its practices centered around the teachings of the Sacred Law of One.

An elite group called the Templar Solar Initiates controlled the Alanians who refused to follow dictates of the Sirian Council and advisory Elohim (who based their decisions on the teachings of the Sacred Law of One)

Certain Alanians became aware the the Templar Solar Initiates were misusing power and approached the Lumiasn of Mu and interbred with them re-aligning their genetic code and became known as the Ur-Tarranes and created the Priesthood of Ur, who shared most practices with the Priest of Mu, but developed interest in more scientific applications of Spiritual Law (such as portal mechanics)

Like the Priest of Mu, the Priest of Ur exist on Tara to this day, and they serve as Guardians and gatekeepers of the Time Portal structures that link Earth to present day Tara.

(Voyagers I – Page 2-3)

When the races of the Sphere of Amenti finally began to appear on Earth about 250 million years ago, and after many inter-galactic wars were fought by races who did not want the Covenant of Palaidor to be fulfilled, they became to be known as the Turanueusiams-2 or T-2 experiment. This represented the seeding of the Twelve Tribes out of which your present human lineage has emerged.

From the Sphere of Amenti five smaller spheres were created, which became the morphogenetic patterns for five races known as the Cloistered Races.

Collectively the five Cloistered races were called the Palaidorians, as they represented the beginning of the fulfillment of the Covenant of Palaidor.

This period became known as the Second World.

(Voyagers II – Page 9)


Planet counterpart of Earth located in Harmonic Universe-2 (HU-2). (your Earth is presently in HU-1) where the Turaneusiam were originally seeded approximately 560 million years ago.

(Voyagers II – Page 2)

Approximately 550 million years ago the Power-generator Crystals deep underground in Alania (a continent of Tara) exploded, due to the Templar Solar Initiates’ misuse of power from Tara’s planetary core. This created a chain reaction of implosions within Tara’s planetary grid.

Portions of Tara’s grid were blown apart and fragmented, becoming detached from the Morphogenetic Field of the planet.

The fragments of Tara’s planetary grid became dismembered, fell in vibration, and were pulled into a sun within Tara’s universe, vaporized, and the morphogenetic field carried in those fragments was pulled into a Black Hole at the center of this sun and re-emerged into a galaxy within the lower-dimensional fields of Harmonic Universe-1 (HU-1).

Entering this system as gaseous substance, this morphogenetic field broke into pieces, which set up a “mini solar system” around a star within an already existing HU-1 solar system.

One of the 12 pieces of Tara’s fragmented morphogenetic field fused with this sun, while the 11 other pieces began to build up matter density and re-manifest their forms through their portion of the morphogenetic field.

These planets did not birth into existence in the usual accretion fashion, for they carried with them the organizational imprint of part of Tara’s planetary grid morphogenetic field.

These planets did not birth into HU-1, they fell into it, literally. They original morphogenetic field fell in vibration, reorganized through the morphogenetic field of a star, and re-manifested within a slower vibrating dimensional scale.

The 12 planets entering HU-1, 550 millions years ago are the planets of your local solar system – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Maldak (imploded to become the asteroid belt), Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Nibiru (very long orbit, not yet discovered by Earth scientists), and your Sun (the part of Tara’s morphogenetic fields that fused with this already existing non Taran sun).

The fragments of Tara became part of the Unified Field morphogenetic Field structure of HU-1.

This event of Tara’s cataclysm became known as the “Fall of Man”. The consciousness of the beings who were blown apart in Tara’s fall, also fell into HU-1.

They became ripped from their race morphogenetic field at Tara’s core and disengaged from their original soul matrices through which they needed to evolve in order to pass out the Time Matrix and Dimensionalized systems, and return to Source as pure consciousness.

These souls became trapped in time, fragmented in units of consciousness within the Unified Field of HU-1, and they would have remained there if a rescue mission, The Covenant of Palaidor, had not been orchestrated.

(Voyagers II – Page 6)


Presently there are 4 primary groups of "Visitors" that are members of the 3 primary ancient hybrid-human Starseed race lines.

1) The Grail Line Race Emerald Sun Order Elohie. (Indigo Children & Angelic Humans)

2) The Grail Line Race Ruby Sun Order Nephelim-Elohim. (Indigo Children & Angelic Humans)

3) The Belil Sun Annu-Elohim. (Intruders)

4) The Black Sun Seraphin-Drakonian. (Intruders)

These 4 primary races hold 3 conflicting agendas regarding the continuation of Earth human evolution. Each are contacting their Earth hybrid incarnates to assist in fulfilling their respective agendas.

The Grail Line visitors (48, 30, 24 and 12 strands DNA) hold the "Diamond Sun" agenda of assisting all Earth humans and hybrids to fulfill the DNA - 12 Strand template potential, as promised in the Emerald Covenant 248,000 years ago.

The Belil and Black Sun visitors (11 and 10 strand DNA) seek to hi-jack Earth human evolution and claim dominion of Earth under forced One World Order, breaking the ancient Emerald Covenant Interstellar treaty.

Every Earth human, both starseed and earthseed, has the right to Choose which agenda it will honor, this is why the Grail Line Visitors are exposing the Belil Sun and Black Sun hidden agendas.

(Angelic Realities - Page 9)


Visitors from elsewhere who hold agendas that are detrimental to the evolution of humans. (See: UIR)

(Voyagers I – Page xxvi)

Disruptive groups of Extra Terrestrials that have and are visiting our planet in hope of figuring out a way to disrupt your progression and manipulate you away from the true purpose for which you have come. (Your natural progression to enlightenment)

Some of these disrupting groups of intruders are:

Sirian Anunnaki

Drakos (Drakon and Human Hybrid)

Zephelium (Administrators of Zeta)

Zeta Reticuli and Zeta Grey-Rigelian

Rutilia (Zeta and Dracos Hybrid, or EBE*)

* EBE: Extraterrestrial Biological Entity

(See: Fallen Angelic, Archangel Michael, Alpha-Omega Alliance, Illuminati)

(Voyagers I – Page lv)

In terms of your "alien" visitors, or extraterrestrials, we are referring specifically to those visitors who approach your reality from within the Time Portal System, that is, they are not interdimensional so much as they are inter-time, emanating from different time coordinates within your 3-dimensional interstellar system.

There are seven cultures (world cultures and their various sub-cultures) within your three-dimensional Time Portal System who posses the knowledge and technology necessary to interact with Earth and approach your reality through the Time Portals.

Two of those cultures are primarily responsible for those visitations: The Zeta Reticuli (Intruders) and the Rhanthunkeana (Ranthia) – (Guardians).

(Voyagers I – Page 8)

Presently interacting with Earth through Illuminati covert operations, physical abductions, "channeled" and telepathic subtle contact methods are two competing "Intruder" visitor groups.

Both presently work with competing factions of human Illuminati governments. Both seek dominion of the Halls of Amenti Star Gates and human subjugation.

Group 1:

Black Sun Agenda:

Digressive reptilian Drakonian & hybrid races controlled via Density-4/Dimension-10 Fallen Seraphin.

Kurendara Nibiruian Orange-skinned "Grays" Dracos-Zeta-Anunnaki hybrids (Dracos); Drakon Orion bipedal "Dragons"; Omicron "Dragon-Moth-people" Orion Drakonian-fallen Seraphin hybrids; Odedicron "Beetle insectoid" Andromeda Drakonian-fallen Annu-Elohim hybrids.

Dracos-reptilian strain; Zeta Administrators. Zephelium Blues; Zeta Gray Rigelian, Rutilia or "E.B.E" (Zeta-Dracos hybrid)

Group 2:

Belil Sun Agenda:

Digressive Anunnaki & hybrid races controlled via Density-4/Dimension-11 fallen Annu-Elohim.

Human looking Pleiadian-Human-Nibiruian-Anunnaki hybrid "Blondes"; Nibiruian-Sirian Nephilim Anunnaki-humans (Sirian-Anunnaki); Andromite and Arcturian "Dolphin People" and from inner Earth, Necromiton "Men in Black" Dracos-Anunnaki hybrids and disgressive Rama Mixed Human Cloister Races running "space brother" covert One World Order manipulations.

(See: UIR)

Who are the Intruder Visitors and where do they come from?

Visitors were called "Angels" in ancient texts; today they are called "ETs". Angels and ETs are the same interdimensional, interstellar races.

Visitors come from a variety of different matter density levels within the 15-dimensional Time Matrix.

To understand the locations from which Visitors emerge, it is necessary to understand the basic structure of the Universal Manifestation Template.

(Angelic Realities – Page xxxi)


(Visit Section: Sumer and The Anunnaki)

Fallen Angelic Race created 568 million years ago by the D-11 Annu-Elohim Fallen Angelic Legion with 11-Strand DNA potential, the most genetically advanced biological form that the Annu-Elohim are capable of seeding.

Anunnaki means “the Avengers of Annu,” the original Fallen Lyran hybrid Founders Race from D-11 Lyra-Aveyon.

The Anunnaki lineage was created specifically as a vehicle through which the D-11 Fallen Annu-Elohim could incarnate directly into Densities 1, 2 and 3, in order to destroy the Guardian Angelic Oraphim and Azurite Eieyani genetic lines, to further their continuing agenda of exploitation and dominion of our Time Matrix.

Also known as the Jehovian “Bipedal Dolphin People” Anunnaki.

(Voyagers I – Page 166)

Competing FALSE 12-STRAND ACTIVATION PROGRAMS are presently being run via unsuspecting New Age & UFO Movement “Channels & Contactees”, by Jehovian “Bipedal Dolphin People” Anunnaki (Sirius A, Arcturian, & “Galactic Federation”) and Pleiadian-Nibiruian (Anu-Seraphim Aquatic-ape-hominid) Anunnaki-Drakonian-Reptile hybrid races.

(See: Fallen Angelic, Archangel Michael, Alpha-Omega Alliance, Illuminati, Intruders)

(AzuritePress.com - FAQ Section)


The Zephelium, the original race line of the modern Zeta Reticuli and their Greys, were one of the visiting groups to Atlantis who became genetically mixed with some of the Templar-Annu race families.

The reason contemporary Zeta sought genetic material from our race was that they hoped to find traces of their own original genetic imprint in our DNA, so they could reverse the mutations that had occurred in their own genetic lines and create hybrid versions of themselves more suited to Earth’s environment.

(Voyagers II – Page 83)

The blue-skinned Zephelium are the administrators caste of the Zeta, governing all lower-rank Zeta castes.

(Voyagers I – Page 8)

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Zeta Reticuli (Little Greys or Lizzies)

Last update: November 04, 2004

The Zeta are indeed real, and physical in terms of biological form.

They are not form your planetary system, but they have working knowledge of the Time Portals System in your dimension.

It is the Zeta and affiliated groups such as the reptilian Drakos, that have been in contact with your government and are responsible for much of what you have come to call the "UFO/alien abduction" phenomena.

The Zeta represent more than just the Little Greys (those small greyish beings with large black eyes). (See: Rutilia)

There are sub-species of Zeta prototype in different colors and size and who represent a group of Zeta mutations created through their experiments in genetic engineering.

The blue-skinned Zephelium are the administrators caste of the Zeta, governing all lower-rank Zeta castes.

(Voyagers I – Page 8)

The Zetas plan to use Holographic Inserts to orchestrate the “mental takeover” of forced matrix transplants in hope of gaining dominion over the Earth territory.

Through the distortions in your traditions and ancient teachings you have been taught to disown personal power, to deny your perceptions and to perpetually distract yourself from looking inward to the knowledge that lives within your connection to the Host Soul Matrix that now serves as the organizational structures for your fragmented genetic code.

Instead you have cultivated the habit to adhere to the dictates of outside figures of authority. You have been taught to obey, to follow blindly the ideas others have handled to you and to fear and mistrust the very nature of your humanity. You have been taught that you were powerless and unworthy, and that your bodies were somehow wretched and unclean and that you can “find God” by searching outside of yourself, or by appeasing some self appointed authority figure who had the power to hold your divinity for you.

All purposely altered and other truths withheld so you could not make a personal connection to Source.

These were NOT the original teachings! (See: Freedom Teaching)

You have been “cultivated” by the Zetas for the success of a “mental takeover.”

(Voyagers I – Page 84)


Sub-species of Zeta (Intruders) that have a more reptilian-like appearance when manifesting within your system.

Others call them "lizzies".

(Voyagers I – Page 8)

Illuminati (Sleeper Races)

Humans and other hybrid races who serve as Fallen Angelic puppets and who are being manipulated by fear for personal survival and a desire for acquisition of power to prevent pain and create personal pleasure. Covertly metaphysically motivated towards the One World Order Fallen Angelics’ Master Plan.

Fear, the Pleasure-Pain Principle and Disinformation are the common control elements by which Illuminati and Humans become easily misled into surrendering their power to something outside of themselves.

(See: New Age Movement)

Once this “outside source” has your power, compliance with the approval of that source becomes, implicitly, the only way to feel empowered.

The reality of our present drama means that there are hordes of amnesiac Illuminati Sleepers, “Human Greeting Teams” and “just everyday people” that are presently the unsuspected victims of Astral Tagging, targeted Psychotronic mind control or DNA bond possession.

These are mostly good-hearted, intelligent people, who think they are “honoring their God, Angel, ET, government or science”. They are being blindly guided through their chosen “Pet Control Dogma” (“Traditional” or “Contemporary,” religious or scientific) into unknowingly playing the Fallen Angelic’ Master Plan (OWO).

(Voyager II – Page 400)

The elite "Masters of War" that have held by force positions of political, religious and economic power throughout our known history from Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt and Rome, up to the present-day covert "World Management Team," are the Illuminati hybrid "Sleeper Races."

The Illuminati hybrid Sleeper Races are the Earthly Representatives of competing Anunnaki, Necromiton and Drakonian/Reptilian Fallen Angelic legions, and they have been the motivating force behind all "human" politics since the 9,558 BC "fall" of Atlantis.

Illuminati hybrid Sleepers are but a minority within Earth populations, but they are those presently in positions of greatest power and influence behind the global political, religious and economic infrastructure.

Like Earth Human races, Illuminati Sleepers races have been subjected to literally thousands of years of false cultural and religious programming via implanted Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian indoctrination.

(Voyager II – Page 355)

Most Sleeper Races do not consciously know of the reality Fallen Angelics/ETs - only a few elite, key controllers among each Sleeper fraction are permitted conscious knowledge of covert Fallen Angelic/ET agendas.

Fallen Angelics historically control their Sleepers to serve as their "expendable pawns" upon "Chess-board Earth," through remote NET-transmission of subliminal psychotronic EM (electro-magnetic) scalar-pulse programs and astral Tagging.

Though the Illuminati hybrid Sleeper races appear both outwardly and genetically like "common humans," due to genetic mutations that began in 25,500 BC, they do not have the human soul essence.

The Sleepers are incarnates form the Fallen Angelic/ET collectives that control them; genuine Human Twelve Tribes incarnates emerge from a once ascended master Guardian Maji Grail Line soul collective, not from the Fallen Angelic collectives from which Illuminati Sleepers emerge.

(Voyager II – Page 356)


The Fallen Angelic Anyu Race that later became the Fallen Annu-Elohim (forefathers of the Sirian-Anunnaki), intentionally traded in their original genetic capacity to hold natural minimum 12-Strand DNA Template “Christos Potential,” characteristic of the Christos Founder Races, for a digressive 11-Strand DNA Template Mutation.

Through removing the 12th DNA Strand Template form their genetic blueprint, the Annu-Elohim successfully blocked the Density-5 Breneau Founder Races from incarnating into their race line, so they were free to create a legion of self-contained Fallen Angelic dominion forces within our Time Matrix.

Their intention was, and continues to be, oppressive, exploiting dominion of our Time Matrix and its life-fields, and the operational control over the 12 Primary Star Gates of the Universal Templar Complex in our Time Matrix.

The Annu-Elohim created a raced called the Anunnaki (who only have 11-Strands DNA template) in reaction to the Founder Races that, in alignment with Source, created the Angelic Human Race lines to protect this Time Matrix.

(See: Ruby Order)

(Voyagers I – Page 162, 168)

One World Order (OWO)

(Visit Section: OWO = New World Order)

Governmental structure system were the "Interior Government" works "behind the scenes" while a "puppet government" maintains the illusion of freedom for the people.

(Voyager I – Page 109)

Establishment of a totalitarian rule on Earth by the UIR (United Intruder Resistance)

Anunnaki’s vested interest in their intended One World Order dominion agenda and subsequent seizure of the Halls of Amenti star gates requires the temporary use of humans to open the Security Seals on Earth’s Star Gates, which the Fallen Angelics cannot fully access without human biology (i.e. DNA-12 Strand Template)

(Voyager II – Page 254)

There are 3 competing One World Order agendas:

1) In 9,560 BC through the Luciferian Convenant the:

a) Pleidian-Nibiruian Samjase-Luciferian-Anunnaki ("Blonds")
b) Sirius B Marduke-Anunnaki (Anunnaki + Omicron "Dragon-Moth")
c) Enlil-Odedicron (Anunnaki + Reptile-Avian)
d) Thoth-Enki-Seohelium (Anunnaki + Zeta)
e) Marduke-Necromiton-Luciferian (Anunnaki + Alpha-Omega Centauri Blue Centaurs)
f) Galactic Federation and the Nohasa Atlantis Jehovian-Urantia and their respective Annu-Mechizedek races

enter full alliance under the One World Order Anti-Christos Agenda formally mandated through the Luciferian Covenant.

2) Omicron-Draconian and Omicron-Reptilian races of Orion from second competing Orion-Drakonian One World Order Agenda.

3) Main Sirius A Jehovian-Annunaki ("Bipedal Dolphin People") race form third competing Jehovian One World Order Agenda.

(Voyager II – Page 320)

The elite "Masters of War" that have held by force positions of political, religious and economic power throughout our known history from Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt and Rome, up to the present-day covert "World Management Team," are the Illuminati hybrid "Sleeper Races."

The Illuminati hybrid Sleeper Races are the Earthly Representatives of competing Anunnaki, Necromiton and Drakonian/Reptilian Fallen Angelic legions, and they have been the motivating force behind all "human" politics since the 9,558 BC "fall" of Atlantis.

Illuminati hybrid Sleepers are but a minority within Earth populations, but they are those presently in positions of greatest power and influence behind the global political, religious and economic infrastructure.

Like Earth Human races, Illuminati Sleepers races have been subjected to literally thousands of years of false cultural and religious programming via implanted Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian indoctrination.

(Voyager II – Page 355)

(See: Fallen Angelics, Archangel Michael, Intruders, Alpha-Omega Alliance, UIR)

Yanas or Khundara (Geomancy - Geomantic Entity or Eieyani - Ultra-terrestrials)

(See also: Energy Matrix and Eieyani)

Eternal Collective of Consciousness projected by Source-God (Yunasai) to form the 3 Primal Sound Filed – the Khundaray, of the Energy Matrix, from and through which the conscious life field of our Time Matrix is seeded.

Also called Geomancy or "Geomantic Entities”, as they would appear as “geometric shapes made of living light” when viewed form an earthly perspective, Ultra-terrestrials, The Cosmic Trinity, Eieyani Elder Council or our Cosmic Family of Consciousness, and are the legitimate “Ascended Master” level.

Corresponds to the 3 levels of the Energy Matrix:

The Eckatic Level: - Grandeyanas – (Pronounced Gron’-dA-yon-us) Yanas of the First Primal Sound Field. Also called Emerald Order Yanas or Blue Flame Yanas.

The Polaric Level: Wachayanas - (Pronounced Wa’’-shA-yon-us) Yanas of the Second Primal Sound Field. Also called Gold Order Yanas or Gold Flame Yanas.

The Triadic Level: Ramyanas - (Pronounced Ram’-yon-us) Yanas of the Third Primal Sound Field. Also called Amethist Order Yanas or Violet Flame Yanas.

(Voyagers I – Page xlviii)

Yanas, which means “ of, or in the Yunasai” exists within the Triadic Level of the Energy Matrix, the third level of individuation within Source.

Yanas collective from each of the 3 Primal Sound Fields of the Khundaray (Energy Matrix) are collectively called the Eieyani.

The Yanas Collectives of the Primal Sound Fields represent our “Cosmic Family of Consciousness”, through which all manifest things are indelibly connected to Source through the energetic expression of the Primal Sound Field.

The Yanas exist beyond the smaller reality fields within which space-time-matter experience takes place.

The Eieyani collectives of the Khundaray Primal Sound Fields are the Eternal Guardian Collectives that are responsible for maintaining the structure integrity of the Energy Matrix and Time Matrix systems within them, and for seeding “life-waves” into manifest Time Matrices.

The Eieyani of the Khundaray Primal Sound Fields last seeded a life-wave into our 15-dimensional Time Matrix 950 billion years ago (Earth time translation), through the creation of the 3 Primary Founders Race Collectives in our Time Matrix referred to as the Breneau Orders; and they exists as eternal gestalts of consciousness in the form of spherical Ante-matter constructs of Thermoplastic Radiation within the 3 Primal Light Fields that form Density-5, dimensions 13,14 and 15 of our 15-dimensional Time Matrix. (Referred as the Kee-Ra-ShA)

The Eieyani Collective responsible for seeding life into out Time Matrix is called Melchizedek Cloister Eieyani or MC Eieyani.

Occasionally they incarnate in various forms, into the fields of space-time-matter within the Density Levels of our Time Matrix, to fulfill universal service missions.

When in physical incarnation in time, incarnate Yanas most often use the name Eieyani in reference to their family line; in contemporary times, the Eieyani incarnate on Earth are commonly referred as “Type-1 Grail Line Indigo Children.”

(Voyages I – Page 159)

Activation of DNA Strand Template 30-48 allows a being to fully embody the frequencies and consciousness of the Khundaray Primal Sound Fields from the Energy Matrix beyond the Time Matrix.

When a being activates the Khundaray within its body and consciousness it becomes what is known as a Khundara or “Yani,” a fully embodied Yanas, which is the legitimate use of the term “Ascended Master.”

(Voyagers I, Page 173)

Time Matrix

Universal Manifestation Templates (Morphogenetic Fields - MF) are called TIME MATRICES. There are uncountable Time Matrices within the Energy Matrix, which are collectively referred as The Time Matrix.

All Time Matrices within the Cosmic Energy Matrix follow a specific mathematical-geometrical program through which space-time and matter can be experienced by consciousness upon the Time Matrix structure.

Time Matrices are arranged upon a pattern of 15 different, but interwoven, Partiki Phasing rhythms (rhythms of expansion and contraction of energy).

Each of the 15 rhythms of Partiki Phasing creates one Dimension.

(The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course - Page 19)

Within the Time Matrix the 15-Dimensions are further arranged into sets of 3 Dimensions, forming 5 3-Dimensional reality fields called a Harmonic Universe (HU), and each HU represents a level of matter densification specific to its intrinsic rates of Partiki Phasing.

One Time Matrix is thus a 15-Dimensional Scalar Grid with 5 separate reality fields (Harmonic Universes) and 5 different densities of matter manifestation.

There are 5 simultaneous manifesting Euiago Cycles (Time Cycle) in every Time Matrix, through which consciousness passes in order to experience linear evolution through space, time and matter.

Each Euiago Cycle contains within it 6 smaller cycles of time called Time Continuum.

(The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course - Page 20)

It is through the multidimensional relationships between angles of particle and anti-particle spin (Angular Rotation of Particle Spin - ARPS) that multiple reality fields (Harmonic Universes - HU) can take place in the same space, while remaining invisible to each other. As a planet evolves through this process, the rate of particle pulsation, and thus the speed at which it moves, progressively increases, while the density of matter progressively decreases.

This is the process of evolution through the 15-dimensional scale.

(Voyagers II – Page 147)

Star Gates (SG) - (or Signets)

Openings that exists between dimensions in our Time Matrix that permit passage between space-time locations in multiple universes and Density Levels.

Star Gates links (due to its Vertical Axis) Planetary, Galactic and Universal Templar Complexes through 5 Harmonic Universe (HU) and their 5 Matter Density Levels.

SG’s enter planets at 12 Planetary Signet Star Gate Sites.

The Star Gate and Time Portals (See Dimensional Lock System) consists of pairs of interconnected, counter-rotating electromagnetic field spirals that naturally exist within sun and planet bodies, forming a fixed point of space within the 5 Densities/Universes (Harmonic Universe) of the 15 dimensional Time Matrix where Time Cycle and Time Continuum repeatedly pass through each other at fixed intervals.

Star Gates and Time Portals exist as a Black and White Hole Pairs that are connected at the center point by a scalar-wave frequency Seed Crystal Seal.

When the center Seed Crystal Seed releases the Star Gate activates and the pair of counter-rotating electromagnetic spirals merge to form an interconnected Merkaba Field, which allows the instantaneous passage between various space-time coordinates through shift of atomic Angular Rotation of Particle Spin(ARPS).

(Voyagers II -Page 506)

There are natural cycles when the Star Gates open. (Called a SAC – Stellar Activation Cycle) and the next SAC is between 2000 and 2017. – The previous was in 22,346 BC.

There are 12 Primary Star Gates in the Universal Templar Complex, each corresponding to 1 to 12 dimensional fields.

12 “Signet Councils” serve as Primary Guardians of each one of the Primary Star Gates.

Star Gates 12, 11 and 10 which serve as the entry points into the Pre-matter Density-4 “Liquid Light Christos Field,” are respectively located in D-12 Aramatena, D-11 Aveyon and D-10 Vega, all located within the Lyran Star Constellation. (Known as “Cradle of Lyra”)

(Voyagers I – Page 161)

Star Gate-9: Mirach-Andromeda.

Star Gate-8: Mintaka-Orion

Star Gate-7: Arcturus

Star Gates 1 through 6: in the densities 1 and 2 (dimension 1-6)

(Voyagers I – Page 167 and 171)

Density–1 Earth’s Star Gates, which connects to Density-2 Planet Tara and many other areas within the 4 Densities of our Time Matrix, is called the Halls of Amenti.

One of Fallen Angelics intentions is take dominion and operational control over the 12 Primary Star Gates.

(Voyagers I – Page 169)


Densities and Wanderers (Starseed) Ra Law of One

Questioner: How many of them are incarnate on Earth now?
Ra: I am Ra. The number is approximate due to an heavy influx of those birthed at this time due to an intensive need to lighten the planetary vibration and thus aid in harvest. The number approaches sixty-five million.

12.29 Questioner: What could one of these entities do to become karmically involved? Could you give us an example?
Ra: I am Ra. An entity which acts in a consciously unloving manner in action with other beings can become karmically involved.

12.31 Questioner: Is there a best way for these entities to heal themselves of their physical ailments?
Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last complete question of this time/space.

The self-healing distortion is effected through realization of the intelligent infinity resting within. This is blocked in some way in those who are not perfectly balanced in bodily complexes. The blockage varies from entity to entity. It requires the conscious awareness of the spiritual nature of reality, if you will, and the corresponding pourings of this reality into the individual mind/body/spirit complex for healing to take place.

We will use this instrument as example. The portions of its ailment, as you call this distortion complex, that can be perfected in balance are due primarily to a blockage of the indigo-ray or pineal energy center. This center receives the intelligent energy from all sources lawful within the one Creation; that is, lawful in this third-density distortion or illusion. If there is no blockage, these energies pour or stream down into the mind/body/spirit complex perfecting moment by moment the individual’s body complex.

This instrument also experiences some distortion of the green-ray energy center which you may call the heart center. It is overly open due to an intensive desire distortion on the part of this mind/body/spirit complex towards service to others, or as you may call it, universal love. This entity, therefore, spends itself without regard to its reserves of mind/body/spirit complex distortion in regard to what you call strength or energy. This distortion is primarily due to the blockage of the indigo ray. As we have said before, the misapprehension distortion of the instrument responsible for this blockage is the basic orientation towards a belief in unworthiness. The unworthiness distortion blocks the free flow of intelligent energy.

The seventh or violet ray is unimpaired, this being not only an energy receptor but a sum total of the vibratory level of the individual. The other energy centers are also quite clear. The solution to healing in this case is action that puts into practice the peaceful understanding in humility distortion that the entity is one with the Creator, therefore perfected and not separate. In each case of what you would call ill health one or more of these energy centers is blocked. The intelligence of the mind/body/spirit complex needs then to be alerted either by the self as healer or by the catalyst of another healer, as we have said before.

32.10 Questioner: Can you expand a little bit on what you mean by “complete fusion nature?”
Ra: I am Ra. The entire creation is of the One Creator. Thus the division of sexual activity into simply that of the bodily complex is an artificial division, all things thusly being seen as sexual equally, the mind, the body, and the spirit; all of which are part of the polarity of the entity. Thus sexual fusion may be seen with or without what you may call sexual intercourse to be the complete melding of the mind, the body, and the spirit in what feels to be a constant orgasm, shall we say, of joy and delight each in the other’s beingness.

53.6 Questioner: Thank you. Can you tell me of various techniques used by the service-to-others or positively oriented Confederation contacts with the people of this planet, the various forms of and techniques of them making contact?
Ra: I am Ra. We could.

53.11 Questioner: [Interrupting] Why does this occur?
Ra: I am Ra. When it occurs it is quite rare and occurs either due to the Orion entities’ lack of perception of the depth of positivity to be encountered or due to the Orion entities’ desire to, shall we say, attempt to remove this positivity from this plane of existence. Orion tactics normally are those which choose the simple distortions of mind which indicate less mental and spiritual complex activity.

65.11 Questioner: Well, this entire scenario over the next, shall I say, twenty years seems to be aimed at producing an increase in seeking and an increase in the awareness of the natural creation, but also a terrific amount of confusion. Was it the pre-incarnative objective of many of the Wanderers to attempt to reduce this confusion?
Ra: I am Ra. It was the aim of Wanderers to serve the entities of this planet in whatever way was requested and it was also the aim of Wanderers that their vibratory patterns might lighten the planetary vibration as a whole, thus ameliorating the effects of planetary disharmony and palliating any results of this disharmony.

Specific intentions such as aiding in a situation not yet manifest are not the aim of Wanderers. Light and love go where they are sought and needed, and their direction is not planned aforetimes.

65.3 Questioner: I have assumed that the reason that so many Wanderers and those harvested third-density entities who have been transferred here find it a privilege and an exceptionally beneficial time to be incarnate upon this planet is that the effect that I just spoke of gives them the opportunity to be more fully of service because of the increased seeking. Is this, in general, correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is the intention which Wanderers had prior to incarnation. There are many Wanderers whose dysfunction with regard to the planetary ways of your peoples have caused, to some extent, a condition of being caught up in a configuration of mind complex activity which, to the corresponding extent, may prohibit the intended service.

53.7 Questioner: Would you do this please?
Ra: I am Ra. The most efficient mode of contact is that which you experience at this space/time. The infringement upon free will is greatly undesired. Therefore, those entities which are Wanderers upon your plane of illusion will be the only subjects for the thought projections which make up the so-called “close encounters” and meetings between positively oriented social memory complexes and Wanderers.

53.12 Questioner: I have become aware of a very large variation in contact with individuals. The Confederation, I am assuming, uses a form of contact to awaken, as you say, Wanderers, and could you give me general examples of the methods used by the Confederation to awaken or partially awaken the Wanderers they are contacting?
Ra: I am Ra. The methods used to awaken Wanderers are varied. The center of each approach is the entrance into the conscious and subconscious in such a way as to avoid causing fear and to maximize the potential for an understandable subjective experience which has meaning for the entity. Many such occur in sleep; others in the midst of many activities during the waking hours. The approach is flexible and does not necessarily include the “close encounter” syndrome as you are aware.

12.30 Questioner: [I just had a] thought. Do any of these Wanderers have physical ailments in this Earth situation?
Ra: I am Ra. Due to the extreme variance between the vibratory distortions of third density and those of the more dense densities, if you will, Wanderers have as a general rule some form of handicap, difficulty, or feeling of alienation which is severe. The most common of these difficulties are alienation, the reaction against the planetary vibration by personality disorders, as you would call them, and body complex ailments indicating difficulty in adjustment to the planetary vibrations such as allergies, as you would call them.

16.60 Questioner: Would then the Wanderers, as they incarnate here, be high-priority targets, shall we say, of the Orion group?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

45.3 Questioner: Can you tell me if a large percentage of the Wanderers here now are those of Ra?
Ra: I am Ra. I can.

12.26 Questioner: Thank you. Well, you spoke of Wanderers. Who are Wanderers? Where do they come from?
Ra: I am Ra. Imagine, if you will, the sands of your shores. As countless as the grains of sand are the sources of intelligent infinity. When a social memory complex has achieved its complete understanding of its desire, it may conclude that its desire is service to others with the distortion towards reaching their hand, figuratively, to any entities who call for aid. These entities whom you may call the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow move towards this calling of sorrow. These entities are from all reaches of the infinite creation and are bound together by the desire to serve in this distortion.

36.18 Questioner: Are there any examples of sixth-density negatively polarized Wanderers in our historical past?
Ra: I am Ra. This information could be harmful. We withhold it. Please attempt to view the entities about you as part of the Creator. We can explain no further.

53.10 Questioner: Well, talking about this type of encounter of self to self, do any Wanderers of a positive polarization ever encounter a so-called “close encounter” with the Orion or negatively oriented polarization?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. The—

16.59 Questioner: The many Wanderers coming to this planet now and in the recent past— are they subject to Orion thoughts?
Ra: I am Ra. As we have said before, Wanderers become completely the creature of third density in mind/body complex. There is just as much chance of such influence to a Wanderer entity as to a mind/body/spirit complex of this planetary sphere. The only difference occurs in the spirit complex which, if it wishes, has an armor of light, if you will, which enables it to recognize more clearly that which is not as it would appropriately be desired by the mind/body/spirit complex. This is not more than a bias and cannot be called an understanding.

Furthermore, the Wanderer is, in its own mind/body/spirit complex, less distorted towards the, shall we say, deviousness of third-density positive/negative confusions. Thus, it often does not recognize as easily as a more negative individual the negative nature of thoughts or beings.

75.24 Questioner: The answer to this question probably has to do with our distorted view of time, but I see Wanderers in this density who have come from fifth or sixth density. [It] seems to me [that they] should already be of a relatively high degree of adeptness [and] must follow a slightly or somewhat different path back to the adeptness that they previously had in a higher density and get as close to it as they can in third density. Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. Your query is less than perfectly focused. We shall address the subject in general.

There are many Wanderers whom you may call adepts who do no conscious work in the present incarnation. It is a matter of attention. One may be a fine catcher of your game sphere, but if the eye is not turned as this sphere is tossed then perchance it will pass the entity by. If it turned its eyes upon the sphere, catching would be easy. In the case of Wanderers which seek to recapitulate the degree of adeptness which each had acquired previous to this life experience, we may note that even after the forgetting process has been penetrated there is still the yellow-ray activated body which does not respond as does the adept which is of a green- or blue-ray activated body. Thusly, you may see the inevitability of frustrations and confusion due to the inherent difficulties of manipulating the finer forces of consciousness through the chemical apparatus of the yellow-ray activated body.

65.12 Questioner: Then each of the Wanderers here acts as a function of the biases he has developed in any way he sees fit to communicate or simply be in his polarity to aid the total consciousness of the planet. Is there any, shall I say, more physical way that he aids in— what I mean is, do the vibrations somehow add, just as electrical polarity or charging a battery or something? Does that also aid the planet, just the physical presence of the Wanderers?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct and the mechanism is precisely as you state. We intended this meaning in the second portion of our previous answer.

You may, at this time, note that as with any entities, each Wanderer has its unique abilities, biases, and specialties so that from each portion of each density represented among the Wanderers comes an array of pre-incarnative talents which then may be expressed upon this plane which you now experience so that each Wanderer, in offering itself before incarnation, has some special service to offer in addition to the doubling effect of planetary love and light and the basic function of serving as beacon or shepherd.

Thus there are those of fifth density whose abilities to express wisdom are great. There are fourth- and sixth-density Wanderers whose ability to serve as, shall we say, passive radiators or broadcasters of love and love/light are immense. There are many others whose talents brought into this density are quite varied.

Thus Wanderers have three basic functions once the forgetting is penetrated, the first two being basic, the tertiary one being unique to that particular mind/body/spirit complex.

We may note at this point while you ponder the possibility/probability vortices that although you have many, many items which cause distress and thus offer seeking and service opportunities, there is always one container in that store of peace, love, light, and joy. This vortex may be very small, but to turn one’s back upon it is to forget the infinite possibilities of the present moment. Could your planet polarize towards harmony in one fine, strong moment of inspiration? Yes, my friends. It is not probable; but it is ever possible.

70.16 Questioner: Have there been any Wanderers on this planet for the past 50,000 years now?
Ra: I am Ra. There have been a few. There have been many more which chose to join this last cycle of 25,000 years and many, many more which have come for harvest.

64.3 Questioner: Then we won’t question on it.

I would like to ask first about a mistake I believe that I might have made in the last session* on the number of Wanderers on earth today. Did I make an error?
Ra: I am Ra. You and Ra made an error. The appropriate number of your ciphers is one less than previously stated.

69.12 Questioner: Is it possible to tell me roughly how many Wanderers that have come to this planet within this master cycle have experienced this displacement into a negative time/space? Just wondering if there have been many.
Ra: I am Ra. We can note the number of such occurrences. There has been only one. We cannot, due to the Law of Confusion, discuss the entity.

63.10 Questioner: Now, we have I believe, if I remember correctly— I think you said there were 600* million Wanderers, approximately. Am I correct in that memory?
Ra: I am Ra. This is approximately correct. There is some excess to that amount.*

* The correct number in 1981 was somewhat in excess of 60 million. Ra and Don corrected their mistake in Session 64.

45.4 Questioner: Are they?
Ra: I am Ra. A significant portion of sixth-density Wanderers are those of our social memory complex. Another large portion consists of those who aided those in South America; another portion, those aiding Atlantis. All sixth density and all brother and sister groups due to the unified feeling that as we had been aided by shapes such as the pyramid, so we could aid your peoples.

52.8 Questioner: I sense, possibly, a connection between what you just said and why so many Wanderers have selected harvest time on this planet to incarnate. Am I correct? This is a vague notion.
Ra: I am Ra. It is correct that in the chance to remember that which has been lost in the forgetting there is a nimiety of opportunity for positive polarization. We believe this is the specific thrust of your query. Please ask further if it is not.

65.19 Questioner: [chuckles] Thank you. The forgetting process was puzzling me because you said that the fourth-density activated people who were here who had been harvestable did not have the same forgetting problem. Could you tell me why the Wanderer loses his memory?
Ra: I am Ra. The reason is twofold. First, the genetic properties of the connection between the mind/body/spirit complex and the cellular structure of the body is different for third density than for third/fourth density.

Secondly, the free will of third-density entities needs be preserved. Thus Wanderers volunteer for third-density genetic or DNA connections to the mind/body/spirit complex. The forgetting process can be penetrated to the extent of the Wanderer remembering what it is and why it is upon the planetary sphere. However, it would be an infringement if Wanderers penetrated the forgetting so far as to activate the more dense bodies and thus be able to live, shall we say, in a god-like manner. This would not be proper for those who have chosen to serve.

The new fourth-density entities which are becoming able to demonstrate various newer abilities are doing so as a result of the present experience, not as a result of memory. There are always a few exceptions, and we ask your forgiveness for constant barrages of over-generalization.

32.11 Questioner: Would then many Wanderers of the higher densities have considerable problems with respect to incarnation in third density because of this different orientation?
Ra: I am Ra. The possibility/probability of such problems, as you call them, due to sixth density incarnating in third is rather large. It is not necessarily a problem if you would call it thusly. It depends upon the unique orientation of each mind/body/spirit complex having this situation or placement of vibratory relativities.

53.13 Questioner: What about the physical examination syndrome. How does that relate to Wanderers and to Confederation and Orion contacts?
Ra: I am Ra. The subconscious expectations of entities cause the nature and detail of thought-form experience offered by Confederation thought-form entities. Thus if a Wanderer expects a physical examination, it will perforce be experienced with as little distortion towards alarm or discomfort as is allowable by the nature of the expectations of the subconscious distortions of the Wanderer.

32.9 Questioner: I am assuming from what we have previously looked at… we have on Earth today and have had in the past fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-density Wanderers. As they come into incarnation in the physical of this density for a period as a Wanderer, what types of polarizations with respect to these various rays do they find affecting them? Can you tell me that?
Ra: I am Ra. I believe I grasp the thrust of your query. Please ask further if this answer is not sufficient.

Fourth-density Wanderers, of which there are not many, will tend to choose those entities which seem to be full of love or in need of love. There is the great possibility/probability of entities making errors in judgment due to the compassion with which other-selves are viewed.

The fifth-density Wanderer is one who is not tremendously affected by the stimulus of the various rays of other-self and in its own way offers itself when a need is seen. Such entities are not likely to engage in the, shall we say, custom of your peoples called marriage and are very likely to feel an aversion to childbearing and child-raising due to the awareness of the impropriety of the planetary vibrations relative to the harmonious vibrations of the density of light.

The sixth-density, whose means of propagation you may liken to what you call fusion, is likely to refrain, to a great extent, from the bisexual reproductive programming of the bodily complex and instead seek out those with whom the sexual energy transfer is of the complete fusion nature insofar as this is possible in manifestation in third density.

12.28 Questioner: Are most of these from the fourth density? What density do they come from?
Ra: I am Ra. Few there are of fourth density. The largest number of Wanderers, as you call them, are of the sixth density. The desire to serve must be distorted towards a great deal of purity of mind and what you may call foolhardiness or bravery, depending upon your distortion complex judgment. The challenge/danger of the Wanderer is that it will forget its mission, become karmically involved, and thus be swept into the maelstrom from which it had incarnated to aid the destruction.

Parallel Plasma Earth - The Habitat of Plasma Life Forms by Jay Alfred

The counterpart dark matter Earth, composed of low density plasma and co-rotating with our visible Earth, can effectively be considered another planet.

Near-death experiences, astral traveling, (genuine) alien encounters, angelic visitations, apparitions of saints or deities - both privately to individuals and to the public at large leading to mass sightings (such as the Marian apparitions or swarms of UFOs in the atmosphere) occur in this higher energy dark matter counterpart Earth and are superimposed on our more familiar Earth depending on the type of encounter.

This parallel Earth is composed wholly of plasma. Hence, while the biosphere of the physical-dense Earth occupies only a small volume of the Earth i.e. largely confined to plus or minus 10km from sea level (which is less than 1% of the volume of the Earth), the plasma Earth is wholly composed of plasma. The biosphere of this counterpart Earth is therefore many times larger than the physical Earth and life forms often move in all three dimensions quite extensively. Plasma objects which sporadically appear in our atmosphere are actually floating or swimming in this ocean. They are therefore able to dart back and forth (like squid, cuttlefish and octopuses) or swim majestically (like manta rays)."

Fourth Density

Questioner: Thank you. Is it possible for you to give a small description of the conditions [in] fourth density?
Ra: I am Ra. We ask you to consider as we speak that there are no words for positively describing fourth density. We can only explain what is not and approximate what is. Beyond fourth density our ability grows more limited still until we become without words.

That which fourth density is not: it is not of words, unless chosen. It is not of heavy chemical vehicles for body complex activities. It is not of disharmony within self. It is not of disharmony within peoples. It is not within limits of possibility to cause disharmony in any way.

Approximations of positive statements: it is a plane of a type of bipedal vehicle which is much denser and more full of life; it is a plane wherein one is aware of the thoughts of other-selves; it is a plane where one is aware of the vibrations of other-selves; it is a plane of compassion and understanding of the sorrows of third density; it is a plane striving towards wisdom or light; it is a plane wherein individual differences are pronounced although automatically harmonized by group consensus.

Questioner: You use the same nomenclature for fourth-density negative as for fourth-density positive. Both are called the dimension of love or understanding. Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. Love and understanding, whether it be of self or of self towards other-self, is one.

Questioner: All right, I’ll just ask this one. I have here that— could you give me some idea of what conditions are like on a fourth-density negative or self-service planet? Can you do this?
Ra: I am Ra. The graduation into fourth-density negative is achieved by those beings who have consciously contacted intelligent infinity through the use of red, orange, and yellow rays of energy. Therefore, the planetary conditions of fourth-density negative include the constant alignment and realignment of entities in efforts to form the dominant patterns of combined energy.

The early fourth density is one of the most intensive struggle. When the order of authority has been established and all have fought until convinced that each is in the proper placement for power structure, the social memory complex begins. Always the fourth-density effects of telepathy and the transparency of thought are attempted to be used for the sake of those at the apex of the power structure.

This, as you may see, is often quite damaging to the further polarization of fourth-density negative entities, for the further negative polarization can only come about through group effort. As the fourth-density entities manage to combine, they then polarize through such services to self as those offered by the crusaders of Orion.

Questioner: In the next density, or the… in the fourth density, is the catalyst of physical pain used as a mechanism for experiential balancing?
Ra: I am Ra. The use of physical pain is minimal, having only to do with the end of the fourth-density incarnation. This physical pain would not be considered severe enough to treat, shall we say, in third density. The catalysts of mental and spiritual pain are used in fourth density.

Questioner: Why is physical pain a part of the end of fourth density?
Ra: I am Ra. You would call this variety of pain weariness.

Questioner: What is the… can you even state the average lifespan in the fourth density of space/time incarnation?
Ra: I am Ra. The space/time incarnation typical of harmonious fourth density is approximately 90,000 of your years as you measure time.

Questioner: Then, is there a time/space— Are there multiple incarnations in fourth density with time/space experiences between incarnations?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Questioner: How long is a cycle of experience in fourth density in our years?
Ra: The cycle of experience is approximately 30 million of your years if the entities are not capable of being harvested sooner. There is in this density a harvest which is completely the function of the readiness of the social memory complex. It is not structured as is your own, for it deals with a more transparent distortion of the One Infinite Creator.

Questioner: We know that the physical vehicle in fourth density that is used during space/time, I am assuming, is quite similar to the one that we now use in third density. Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. The chemical elements used are not the same. However, the appearance is similar.

Questioner: Then at fourth-density graduation into fifth is there anything like the percentages you gave for third-density graduation into fourth for polarization?
Ra: I am Ra. There are, in your modes of thinking, responses we can make, which we shall make. However, the important point is that the graduations from density to density do occur. The positive/negative polarity is a thing which will, at the sixth level, simply become history. Therefore, we speak in an illusory time continuum when we discuss statistics of positive versus negative harvest into fifth. A large percentage of fourth-density negative entities continue the negative path from fourth- to fifth-density experience, for without wisdom the compassion and desire to aid other-self is not extremely well-informed. Thus though one loses approximately two percent moving from negative to positive during the fourth-density experience we find approximately eight percent of graduations into fifth density those of the negative.

Questioner: Well, what I was actually asking was if 50% is required for graduation from third to fourth in the positive sense, 95% is required for graduation in the negative sense, does this have to more closely approach 100% in both cases for graduation from fourth to fifth? Does an entity have to be 99% polarized for negative and maybe 80% polarized for positive graduation from fourth to fifth?
Ra: I am Ra. We perceive the query now.

To give this in your terms is misleading for there are, shall we say, visual aids or training aids available in fourth density which automatically aid the entity in polarization while cutting down extremely upon the quick effect of catalyst. Thus the density above yours must take up more space/time.

The percentage of service to others of positively oriented entities will harmoniously approach 98% in intention. The qualifications for fifth density, however, involve understanding. This then, becomes the primary qualification for graduation from fourth to fifth density. To achieve this graduation the entity must be able to understand the actions, the movements, and the dance. There is no percentage describable which measures this understanding. It is a measure of efficiency of perception. It may be measured by light. The ability to love, accept, and use a certain intensity of light thus creates the requirement for both positive and negative fourth to fifth harvesting.

Questioner: Thank you. That cleared it up very well. A very important point. Can you tell me how positive and negative polarizations in fourth and fifth density are used to cause work in consciousness?
Ra: I am Ra. There is very little work in consciousness in fourth and in fifth densities compared to the work done in third density. The work that is accomplished in positive fourth is that work whereby the positive social memory complex, having, through slow stages, harmoniously integrated itself, goes forth to aid those of less positive orientation which seek their aid. Thus their service is their work and through this dynamic between the societal self and the other-self which is the object of love, greater and greater intensities of understanding or compassion are attained. This intensity continues until the appropriate intensity of the light may be welcomed. This is fourth-density harvest.

Within fourth-density positive there are minor amounts of catalyst of a spiritual and mental complex distortion. This occurs during the process of harmonizing to the extent of forming the social memory complex. This causes some small catalyst and work to occur, but the great work of fourth density lies in the contact betwixt the societal self and less polarized other-self.

In fourth-density negative much work is accomplished during the fighting for position which precedes the period of the social memory complex. There are opportunities to polarize negatively by control of other-selves. During the social memory complex period of fourth-density negative the situation is the same. The work takes place through the societal reaching out to less polarized other-self in order to aid in negative polarization.

In fifth-density positive and negative the concept of work done through a potential difference is not particularly helpful as fifth-density entities are, again, intensifying rather than potentiating.

In positive, the fifth-density complex uses sixth-density teach/learners to study the more illuminated understandings of unity thus becoming more and more wise. Fifth-density positive social memory complexes often will choose to divide their service to others in two ways: first, the beaming of light to creation; second, the sending of groups to be of aid as instruments of light such as those whom you’re familiar with through channels.

In fifth-density negative, service to self has become extremely intense and the self has shrunk or compacted so that the dialogues with the teach/learners are used exclusively in order to intensify wisdom. There are very, very few fifth-density negative Wanderers for they fear the forgetting. There are very, very few fifth-density Orion members for they do not any longer perceive any virtue in other-selves.

Questioner: I would ask this question in order to understand the mental disciplines and how they evolve. Do fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-density positive or service-to-others orientation social memory complexes use both the slingshot and the personality discipline type of effect for travel or do they use only one?
Ra: I am Ra. The positively oriented social memory complex will be attempting to learn the disciplines of mind, body, and spirit. However, there are some which, having the technology available to use intelligent energy forces to accomplish travel, do so while learning the more appropriate disciplines.

Questioner: Could you give me the same information on the negatively oriented social memory complexes as to the ratios, how they use the slingshot or other effect (personality [disciplines])?
Ra: I am Ra. The fourth-density negative uses the slingshot gravitic light effect, perhaps 80% of its membership being unable to master the disciplines necessary for alternate methods of travel. In fifth-density negative approximately 50% at some point gain the necessary discipline to use thought to accomplish travel. As the sixth density approaches, the negative orientation is thrown into confusion and little travel is attempted. What travel is done is perhaps 73% of light/thought.

Questioner: Thank you. I did not wish to create the wrong impression with the material that we were including in Book One, and find it necessary to add some of this material. I know that it’s transient, but it I believe is necessary for a full understanding or, shall I say, a correct approach to the material.

I’ll ask a few questions here. If you do not care to ask them we’ll skip them. I would like to ask, however, if you could tell me what, for the most part, or the major portion of Confederation entities, what they look like?
Ra: I am Ra. The fourth-density Confederation entity looks variously depending upon the, shall we say, derivation of its physical vehicle.

Questioner: Then as the fourth-density vibrations come in this means that the planet can support entities of fourth-density core vibration. Will the planet then still be first-density core vibration and will there be second-density entities on it with second-density vibrations, and will there be third-density entities with third-density vibrations?
Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full query of this working. There is energy but the distortions of the instrument suggest to us it would be well to shorten this working with your permission.

Questioner: Yes.
Ra: You must see the Earth, as you call it, as being seven Earths. There is red, orange, yellow, and there will soon be a completed green color vibratory locus for fourth-density entities which they will call Earth. During the fourth-density experience, due to the lack of development of fourth-density entities, the third-density planetary sphere is not useful for habitation since the early fourth-density entity will not know precisely how to maintain the illusion that fourth density cannot be seen or determined from any instrumentation available to any third density.

Thus in fourth density the red, orange, and green energy nexi of your planet will be activated while the yellow is in potentiation along with the blue and the indigo.

Questioner: What about the ones with the dual, not the Wanderers but the harvested and dual-activated third- and fourth-density bodies entities? Are they able to heal using the techniques that we have discussed?
Ra: I am Ra. In many cases this is so, but as beginners of fourth density, the desire may not be present.

Questioner: After third density, in our experience, social memory complexes are polarized positively and negatively. Is the interaction between social memory complexes of opposite polarity equivalent, but on a magnified scale, to the interaction between mind/body/spirit complexes of opposite polarity? Is this how experience is gained as a function of polarity difference at the fourth and fifth densities?
Ra: I am Ra. No.

Questioner: Then you are saying as a result of the polarization in consciousness that has occurred later in the galactic evolution, that the experiences are much more, shall I say, profound or deeper along the two paths. Are these experiences independent of the other path or must there be action across the potentiated difference between the positive and negative polarity, or is it possible to have this experience simply because of the single polarity? This is difficult to ask.
Ra: I am Ra. We would agree. We shall attempt to pluck the gist of your query from the surrounding verbiage.

The fourth and fifth densities are quite independent, the positive polarity functioning with no need of negative and vice-versa. It is to be noted that in attempting to sway third-density mind/body/spirit complexes in choosing polarity there evolves a good bit of interaction between the two polarities. In sixth density, the density of unity, the positive and negative paths must needs take in each other for all now must be seen as love/light and light/love. This is not difficult for the positive polarity, which sends love and light to all other-selves. It is difficult enough for service-to-self polarized entities that at some point the negative polarity is abandoned.

Questioner: You stated previously that fifth-density entities bear a resemblance to those of us in third density on planet Earth but fourth density does not. Could you describe the fourth-density entities and tell me why they do not resemble us?
Ra: I am Ra. The description must be bated under the Law of Confusion. The cause for a variety of so-called physical vehicles is the remaining variety of heritages from second-density physical vehicular forms. The process of what you call physical evolution continues to hold sway into fourth density. Only when the ways of wisdom have begun to refine the power of what you may loosely call thought is the form of the physical complex manifestation more nearly under the direction of the consciousness.

Fifth Density

16.41 Questioner: At what point in densities is it necessary for an entity to be consciously aware of the Law of One to progress?
Ra: I am Ra. The fifth-density harvest is of those whose vibratory distortions consciously accept the honor/duty of the Law of One. This responsibility/honor is the foundation of this vibration.

25.11 Questioner: Well, I will first ask the answer at the end if there’s anything we can do to make the instrument really comfortable. I’ll only ask the questions that the instrument has— or answer the questions that the instrument has energy left to give, but I really would like to know of the orientation of fifth-density negative for not participating in this battle.
Ra: I am Ra. The fifth density is the density of light or wisdom. The so-called negative service-to-self entity in this density is at an high level of awareness and wisdom and has ceased activity except by thought. The fifth-density negative is extraordinarily compacted and separated from all else.

29.28 Questioner: I see. Then if you are able to read the violet ray of an entity, to see that ray, is it possible then to immediately determine whether the entity could use crystals to tap intelligent energy?
Ra: I am Ra. It is possible for one of fifth density or above to do this.

33.20 Questioner: Just as a slight appendage to that question, what would the rays of fifth and sixth density look like?
Ra: I am Ra. We may speak only approximately. However, we hope you understand, shall we say, that there is a distinctive difference in the color structure of each density.

Fifth density is perhaps best described as extremely white in vibration.

The sixth density of a whiteness which contains a golden quality as you would perceive it; these colors having to do with the blending into wisdom of the compassion learned in fourth density, then in sixth the blending of wisdom back into an unified understanding of compassion viewed with wisdom. This golden color is not of your spectrum but is what you would call alive.

43.20 Questioner: I’m guessing that it is not necessary to ingest food in fifth density. Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. However, the vehicle needs food which may be prepared by thought.

43.21 Questioner: What type of food would this be?
Ra: I am Ra. You would call this type of food nectar, or ambrosia, or a light broth of golden white hue.

43.22 Questioner: What is the purpose of ingesting food in fifth density?
Ra: I am Ra. This is a somewhat central point. The purpose of space/time is the increase in catalytic action appropriate to the density. One of the preconditions for space/time existence is some form of body complex. Such a body complex must be fueled in some way.

43.23 Questioner: Then, there is a— In third density the fueling of our bodily complex is not only simply fuels the complex but but gives us opportunities to learn service. In fourth density it not only fuels the complex but gives us opportunities to learn patience. In fifth density it fuels the complex but does it teach?
Ra: I am Ra. In fifth density it is comfort, for those of like mind gather together to share in this broth, thus becoming one in light and wisdom while joining hearts and hands in physical activity. Thus in this density it becomes a solace rather than a catalyst for learning.

52.4 Questioner: Then I am assuming in the positively oriented social memory complexes that a much higher percentage of them use the personality disciplines for this travel. Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. As positive fifth density moves into sixth there are virtually no entities which any longer use outer technology for travel or communication.

52.6 Questioner: Is there any difference then, at, say, close to the end of fifth density in the disciplines of personality required for this travel between positive and negative orientation, higher fifth density?
Ra: I am Ra. There are patent differences between the polarities but no difference whatsoever in the completion of the knowledge of the self necessary to accomplish this discipline.

53.19 Questioner: Do some of them look just like us? Could they pass for Earth people?
Ra: I am Ra. Those of this nature are most often fifth-density.

53.20 Questioner: I assume that the same answer would apply to the Orion group. Is this correct? As far as fourth and fifth density goes?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

71.3 Questioner: This would probably be possible in the higher densities such as the fifth density. Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. In fifth-density harvest, polarization has very little to do with harvestability.

78.25 Questioner: Then you are saying as a result of the polarization in consciousness that has occurred later in the galactic evolution, that the experiences are much more, shall I say, profound or deeper along the two paths. Are these experiences independent of the other path or must there be action across the potentiated difference between the positive and negative polarity, or is it possible to have this experience simply because of the single polarity? This is difficult to ask.
Ra: I am Ra. We would agree. We shall attempt to pluck the gist of your query from the surrounding verbiage.

The fourth and fifth densities are quite independent, the positive polarity functioning with no need of negative and vice-versa. It is to be noted that in attempting to sway third-density mind/body/spirit complexes in choosing polarity there evolves a good bit of interaction between the two polarities. In sixth density, the density of unity, the positive and negative paths must needs take in each other for all now must be seen as love/light and light/love. This is not difficult for the positive polarity, which sends love and light to all other-selves. It is difficult enough for service-to-self polarized entities that at some point the negative polarity is abandoned.

90.6 Questioner: Well, If the population of this planet presently looks similar to the fifth-density entities I was wondering why this is? If I understand you correctly the process of evolution would normally be the third density resembling that from which it evolved in second density and then refining in fourth and then again in fifth, becoming what the population of this planet looks like on third. Why is this planet— It seems to me that this planet is ahead of itself in the way the mind/body/spirit complex, or body complex of that, looks. What is the reason for this?
Ra: I am Ra. Your query is based upon a misconception. Do you wish us to comment or do you wish to re-question?

90.7 Questioner: Please comment on my misconception if that is possible.
Ra: I am Ra. In fifth density the manifestation of the physical complex is more and more under the control of the conscious mind complex. Therefore, the fifth-density entity may dissolve one manifestation and create another. Consequently, the choice of a fifth-density entity or complex of entities wishing to communicate with your peoples would choose to resemble your peoples’ physical-complex, chemical, yellow-ray vehicles.

33.20 Questioner: Just as a slight appendage to that question, what would the rays of fifth and sixth density look like?
Ra: I am Ra. We may speak only approximately. However, we hope you understand, shall we say, that there is a distinctive difference in the color structure of each density.

Fifth density is perhaps best described as extremely white in vibration.

The sixth density of a whiteness which contains a golden quality as you would perceive it; these colors having to do with the blending into wisdom of the compassion learned in fourth density, then in sixth the blending of wisdom back into an unified understanding of compassion viewed with wisdom. This golden color is not of your spectrum but is what you would call alive.

41.5 Questioner: In your last statement did you mean that the sixth-density entities are actually creating the manifestation of the sun in their density? Could you explain what you meant by that?
Ra: I am Ra. In this density some entities whose means of reproduction is fusion may choose to perform this portion of experience as part of the beingness of the sun body. Thus you may think of portions of the light that you receive as offspring of the generative expression of sixth-density love.

41.6 Questioner: Then could you say that sixth-density entities are using that mechanism to be more closely co-Creators with the Infinite Creator?
Ra: I am Ra. This is precisely correct as seen in the latter portions of sixth density seeking the experiences of the gateway density.

43.15 Questioner: Then is sixth-density harvest strictly of social memory complex because again we have compassion blended back using wisdom?
Ra: I am Ra. This is quite correct.

43.24 Questioner: I am simply trying to trace the, you might say, the evolution of this catalyst that then, as you say, changes in fifth density. I might as well complete this and ask if there is any ingestion of food in sixth density?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. However, the nature of this food is that of light and is impossible to describe to you in any meaningful way as regards the thrust of your query.

59.3 Questioner: I have a question from Jim that states: “I think I have penetrated the mystery of my lifelong anger at making mistakes. I think I have always been aware subconsciously of my abilities to master new learnings, but my desire to successfully complete my mission on Earth has been energized by the Orion group into irrational and destructive anger when I fail. Could you comment on this observation?”
Ra: I am Ra. We would suggest that as this entity is aware of its position as a Wanderer, it may also consider what pre-incarnative decisions it undertook to make regarding the personal or self-oriented portion of the choosing to be here at this particular time/space. This entity is aware, as stated, that it has great potential, but potential for what? This is the pre-incarnative question. The work of sixth density is to unify wisdom and compassion. This entity abounds in wisdom. The compassion it is desirous of balancing has, as its antithesis, lack of compassion. In the more conscious being this expresses or manifests itself as lack of compassion for self. We feel this is the sum of suggested concepts for thought which we may offer at this time without infringement.

64.6 Questioner: Could you describe or tell me of rituals or technique used by Ra in seeking in the direction of service?
Ra: I am Ra. To speak of that which sixth-density social memory complexes labor within in order to advance is at best misprision of plain communication for much is lost in transmission of concept from density to density, and the discussion of sixth density is inevitably distorted greatly.

However, we shall attempt to speak to your query for it is an helpful one in that it allows us to express once again the total unity of creation. We seek the Creator upon a level of shared experience to which you are not privy and rather than surrounding ourselves in light we have become light. Our understanding is that there is no other material except light. Our rituals, as you may call them, are an infinitely subtle continuation of the balancing processes which you are now beginning to experience.

We seek now without polarity. Thus we do not invoke any power from without, for our search has become internalized as we become light/love and love/light. These are the balances we seek, the balances between compassion and wisdom which more and more allow our understanding of experience to be informed that we may come closer to the unity with the One Creator which we so joyfully seek.

Your rituals at your level of progress contain the concept of polarization and this is most central at your particular space/time.

78.25 Questioner: Then you are saying as a result of the polarization in consciousness that has occurred later in the galactic evolution, that the experiences are much more, shall I say, profound or deeper along the two paths. Are these experiences independent of the other path or must there be action across the potentiated difference between the positive and negative polarity, or is it possible to have this experience simply because of the single polarity? This is difficult to ask.
Ra: I am Ra. We would agree. We shall attempt to pluck the gist of your query from the surrounding verbiage.

The fourth and fifth densities are quite independent, the positive polarity functioning with no need of negative and vice-versa. It is to be noted that in attempting to sway third-density mind/body/spirit complexes in choosing polarity there evolves a good bit of interaction between the two polarities. In sixth density, the density of unity, the positive and negative paths must needs take in each other for all now must be seen as love/light and light/love. This is not difficult for the positive polarity, which sends love and light to all other-selves. It is difficult enough for service-to-self polarized entities that at some point the negative polarity is abandoned.

16.22 Questioner: Thank you very much. In previous material, before we communicated with you, it was stated by the Confederation that there is actually no past or future… all is present. Would this be a good analogy?
Ra: I am Ra. There is past, present, and future in third density. In an overview such as an entity may have, removed from the space/time continuum, it may be seen that in the cycle of completion there exists only the present. We, ourselves, seek to learn this understanding. At the seventh level or dimension, we shall, if our humble efforts are sufficient, become one with all, thus having no memory, no identity, no past or future, but existing in the all.

16.23 Questioner: Does this mean that you would have awareness of all that is?
Ra: I am Ra. This is partially correct. It is our understanding that it would not be our awareness, but simply awareness of the Creator. In the Creator is all that there is. Therefore, this knowledge would be available.

52.12 Questioner: Thank you. In mentioning, in the previous session, the harvest, you mentioned the light-bringers from the octave. Am I to understand that those who provide the light for the gradation of graduation are of an octave above the one we experience? Could you tell me more about these light-bringers, who they are, etc.?
Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full query of this working.

This octave density of which we have spoken is both omega and alpha, the spiritual mass of the infinite universes becoming one central sun or Creator once again. Then is born a new universe, a new infinity, a new Logos which incorporates all that the Creator has experienced of Itself. In this new octave there are also those who wander. We know very little across the boundary of octave except that these beings come to aid our octave in its Logos completion.

Earth History

RA: Upon the Earth plane, energies had been set in motion which did not cause a great deal of call. There were isolated instances of callings, one such taking place beginning approximately two six zero zero [2,600] of your years in the past in what you would call Greece at this time and resulting in writings and understandings of some facets of the Law of One. We especially note the one known as Thales and the one known as Heraclitus, those being of the philosopher career, as you may call it, teaching their students. We also point out the understandings of the one known as Pericles.”

Thales of Miletus (c. 624 – c. 546 BC) was a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, mathematician and astronomer from Miletus in Asia Minor, current day Milet in Turkey and one of the Seven Sages of Greece. Many, most notably Aristotle, regard him as the first philosopher in the Greek tradition, and he is otherwise historically recognised as the first individual in Western civilisation known to have entertained and engaged in scientific thought. Thales is recognised as having made a break from understanding the world and universe by mythological explanations to instead find explanations for the existence of natural things and phenomena by theories and hypothesis, ergo science. Almost all of the other Pre-Socratic philosophers proceed after him to provide explanations of natural things by way of there being a unity of everything because of the existence of a single ultimate substance, instead of explanation given by mythology. Aristotle reported Thales' hypothesis that the originating principle of nature and the nature of matter was a single material substance: water.
In mathematics, Thales used geometry to calculate the heights of pyramids and the distance of ships from the shore. He is the first known individual to use deductive reasoning applied to geometry, by deriving four corollaries to Thales' Theorem. He is the first known individual to whom a mathematical discovery has been attributed.

Heraclitus of Ephesus ( c. 535 – c. 475 BCE) was a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, a native of the Greek city Ephesus, Ionia, on the coast of Asia Minor. He was of distinguished parentage. Little is known about his early life and education, but he regarded himself as self-taught and a pioneer of wisdom. From the lonely life he led, and still more from the apparently riddled and allegedly paradoxical nature of his philosophy and his stress upon the needless unconsciousness of humankind, he was called "The Obscure" and the "Weeping Philosopher".

Heraclitus was famous for his insistence on ever-present change as being the fundamental essence of the universe, as stated in the famous saying, "No man ever steps in the same river twice". This position was complemented by his stark commitment to a unity of opposites in the world, stating that "the path up and down are one and the same". Through these doctrines Heraclitus characterized all existing entities by pairs of contrary properties, whereby no entity may ever occupy a single state at a single time. This, along with his cryptic utterance that "all entities come to be in accordance with this Logos" (literally, "word", "reason", or "account") has been the subject of numerous interpretations.

Pericles (c. 495 – 429 BC) was a prominent and influential Greek statesman, orator and general of Athens during the Golden Age—specifically the time between the Persian and Peloponnesian wars. He was descended, through his mother, from the powerful and historically influential Alcmaeonid family.

Pericles had such a profound influence on Athenian society that Thucydides, a contemporary historian, acclaimed him as "the first citizen of Athens". Pericles turned the Delian League into an Athenian empire, and led his countrymen during the first two years of the Peloponnesian War. The period during which he led Athens, roughly from 461 to 429 BC, is sometimes known as the "Age of Pericles", though the period thus denoted can include times as early as the Persian Wars, or as late as the next century.

Pericles promoted the arts and literature; it is principally through his efforts that Athens holds the reputation of being the educational and cultural center of the ancient Greek world. He started an ambitious project that generated most of the surviving structures on the Acropolis (including the Parthenon). This project beautified and protected the city, exhibited its glory, and gave work to the people. Pericles also fostered Athenian democracy to such an extent that critics call him a populist.