English Hieroglyphics

Our English Language is far juicer than we think

English Hieroglyphic Alphabet


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Our decision to explore alphanumerics was sparked by William Eisen's series of books published in the 1980's.
A comprehensive study of the "Mysteries of Phi."

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pictographic hieroglyphic alphabet
holistically minded paradigm shift
harnessing positive tension

the English letters as hieroglyphs
using pictographic English letters
ideographic nature of English letters
numerological proportionality
grounded futuristic information
transmits liquid light programs
omnipresent communicatory access
multi-dimensionally fired thought
crystallization of the sacred word

Dan Winter, isolated all 26 letters as shadowgrams of the golden spiral zoom thru the phi torus, some letters are actual implosion vectors [Flame letters], while others are composite shadowglyphs [Hieroglyphs].
The golden spiral vector is dynamically superluminally implosive and therefore instantaneous in its reach, all information is accessible instantly.135


Robert Meurant;  'The emergence of English as a celestial language'.
Given the emergence of English as a global language, and the probable eventual intensive human exploration and settlement of space, what forces will likely shape the structural features of English as it expands into the cosmos? In the exploration and settlement of space, we will very probably use English as a celestial language. In microgravity, words such as ‘floor’, ‘wall’ and ‘ceiling’ lose their meaning. It is a shattering realization that in Space there is no ‘up’ or ‘down’. I now suggest spatial lexical items which imply a vertical axis, like ‘up’, ‘down’, ‘above’, ‘below’, ‘high’, ‘low’, ‘on top of’, ‘beneath’, ‘over’, ‘under’, ‘on’, ‘underneath’, ‘top’ or ‘bottom’, have no objective meaning. They may reference one’s immediate location and orientation, but are relative and ever changing. Any use of a vertical axis and/or differentiation into horizontal layers/planes is essentially arbitrary. The pervasiveness of gravity- bound conceptions in language, previously taken for granted, suddenly becomes all too evident.
I therefore envisage lexical change may occur in spatial language as follows: ‘up’ or ‘down’ will become ‘out’ or ‘in’, ‘above’ or ‘below’ will become ‘without’ or ‘out there’ or ‘within’ or ‘in here’. Vertical relations such as ‘on top of’, ‘under’, and ‘beneath’ will be replaced by expressions of proximity ‘attached to’, ‘adjacent to’, ‘nearby’, ‘beyond’, together with topological expressions such as ‘within’ and ‘without’."


The Crystal Connection by Randall and Vicki Baer
page 31 'The Pictographic language of Light"

Steve Burnand;  "Words appear to be static on a page, however when read or thought about they becomes animate and alive.
Animate words have directions in space and these directions in space 'selectively' navigate our 'point' of view.
Being on autopilot and not consciously aware of how the power of words guides our realities, leaves us open to a form of mind control that emulate from, right under our noses in ways that many are totally unaware. Absolute meaning words like 'never' are self professing, as they navigate a thought back to whence it came within a loop that creates never based scenarios".