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Galactic Heliocentric Astrology

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decoded via alphanumeric (a=1 - z=26) cross referencing
every phrase comes to total of 188

Galactic Astrology*Galactic Core Stargate *higher evolution *future memories*phase conjugation*quantum plenum*superfluid aether*pack golden tetrahedra*compressible fluid*through stargate*interspace travel

every phrase comes to total of 253
*heliocentric astrology*initiated in the solar core*star-seed activation chamber*tuned to the galactic centre*represent galactic council*the unified galactic society*awaken starseed wanderers*join Sphere Alliance council*grounding cosmic energies*applying golden phi ratio*enlightened co-creatorship*a galactic activation portal *instantaneous signals*superluminal pulses *the location of stargates*the frequencies of stars*x-ray sources in galaxy*galactic co-ordinate points*
Lets unpack these phrases
Esoteric literature refers to our Sun as a Stargate, and fractal physics is clear, the zoom through a stargate requires a cool environment.
Remote viewers and OBE explorers have no problem entering the sun. Starseed and interstellar crews use our sun's frequency as their destination calling card.
All Starseed are members of some Guardian Alliance and 'report in' at galaxy centre for arrival instructions and service contract protocols (limit of advanced siddhi's).
Applying golden ratio to interstellar locations, Pulsars, Gamma rays plots the stargate node circuitry.

 John Harris proves the dynamics of solar mechanics are built on phi ratio's "the relationship between the Phi-Series and the Lucas Series begins to become apparent. Included here with respect to unity are the Phi-Series planetary framework mean values for the periods of revolution, the intermediate synodic cycles, the mean heliocentric distances and the mean orbital velocities". 

Applying golden ratio interplay to astrology requires a sun centred chart and decagonal angles, we begin with the 1% 'zone' between 26deg tropical Sagittarius and 0% Capricorn, where the Galactic Centre & Gate of God Stargate are found.

Plan view of our DNA helix is based upon the decagon due to the quasicrsytal structure
of the DNA molecule (Mark White) - and helix structure.
DNA is based upon the golden ratio and is the extension of Soul into physicality -
we can fractally transpose the solar system DNA helix (planets orbiting over time)
- onto our biological DNA helix.

Planets found at golden ratio/decagon aspects to the Gate of God/Galactic Centre/Solstice node indicate resonance to instantaneous signals arriving from the galaxy centre, where Galactic Administration have their headquarters.
Volunteering incarnating Starseed arrive with a predetermined assignment - a set of skills and gifts to share - these are easily extracted from the galactic chart. 
English letter alphanumerics decodes the phrase *the centre of the galaxy*
a=1 - z=26 ....
every phrase here totals to the same 222
*the centre of the galaxy*central galactic points*celestial civil service*local universe agents*overseeing the galaxy*galactic administration*real galactic federation*the galactic community*galactic wide unity field*advanced civilizations*at the co-ordination hub*Grandfather Eagle Spirit*the Spirit of Christ*shamanically navigating*the Galactic Signatures*the path of the Emperor*chokmah into tiphareth*meetings of parliament*twelve departments*group psychology*the nuclear component*whole system design*integrated overview*avatar of synthesis*the twelve vectors*the thirteen spheres*local galactic co-ordinates*

lets unpack these phrases a little
Native American Grandfather Eagle Spirit and the Spirit of Christ resonate with Theosophy's Avatar of Synthesis - Mayan Calendar Galactic Signatures and the path of the Emperor (invoking Galactic Center) which is the major arcana tarot path from Chokmah into Tiphareth, Chokmah is known as the celestial sphere or interstellar realms and the archetype of Twelve.
At the co-ordination hub we find the celestial civil service, or galactic administration. Overseeing the galaxy they form the nuclear component with an integrated overview & whole system design strategy. Meetings of parliament with twelve departments (group psychology) of the real galactic federation, selected from advanced civilizations of the galactic community forms a galactic wide unity field.

A few options are offered

1: Helio chart interpretations, including a near future positive timeline schedule

2: Learn the Stars and instructions to make a Star Globe for OBE and Remote Viewing

3: Instructions on how to interpret galactic helio charts.

h.rey gate of god 4 paper

Galactic Astrology Chart Construction
Learn to draw up these charts and interpret them.

Well known Starseed
While these are the more well known Starseed - Galactic Astrology has successfully identified numerous starseed and their assignment details, including Carla Rueckert who introduced the Wanderers through her work channelling the 6th Density Collective "RA".
Rudolf Steiner, Alice Bailey, Krishnamurti, Phillip K Dick, Dali, Jose Arguelles, Ed Kelly, John Dee, Terrence McKenna, Alexander Skryabin, Dan Winter, Helena Blavatsky, Nicole Kidman, Aldous Huxley, Kate Blanchett, George Carlin, John Kennedy, George Lucas

IMAGES below  by John Harris,  check out his amazing research plotting our Solar System as  Golden ratio Fibonacci-Lucas fractal conjugating pair.

Robert Grace adds more to this with his fractal phi scaling research.