The secrets of the individual Ka, Vajra, Diamond Lightbody originated in the Egyptian, Greek & Tibetan mystery schools.

Our interest is the creation of a collective [refer Space Station Alpha-X] Lightbody-Starship

Stage one Theory: [a] Transdimensional Constants, [b] Starchitecture modelling, [c] understanding fractal field physics, [d] dynamics of the quantum entangled space-time garment, [e] the Mereon Matrix, [f] Earthgrid-intersellar axiatonal lines-astrophysical mapping-plotting stargates.

Stage two Practice: [a] plasmic auric field weaving –  threading & spins (whirling), [b] calligraphic writing (phi in hand writing balances psychic), [c] constructing and animating holographic Starchitectual thoughtforms, [d] propagating longitudinal toroidal knots.

Self-referential languages define the principle of least action, the most efficient codes underlying nature.
The Gosset Polytope (whose 240 vertices define the 240 root vectors of the Lie group E8) is the prime code.

Gosset Polytope: credit Jgmoxness

Gosset Polytope: credit Jgmoxness

Researcher Stephen Phillips provides ample proof the ‘Gosset polytope’ is made up of 2 x 600cells (Φ scaled)
“The Gosset polytope can be regarded as an 8D-polytope analogue of the disdyakis triacontahedron — a 3-polytope.”

Phillips summaries “What is crucial to recognize is that the highly mathematical,
hyper-dimensional objects that are being discovered to underpin E8×E8 heterotic superstring physics
have their exact parallels in the sacred geometries
of mystical traditions and ancient philosophies. 
Why? Because they represent the same thing.”

Our Starship – Space Station – Lightbody – Merkaba – Diamond Body
are based upon the Disdyakis and rhombic triacontahedra

credit David Richter

credit David Richter














During Lynnclaire Dennis’s NDE and visions she observed the disdyakis
triacontahedron circumnavigated by a woven Fourier Trefoil Knot,
this knot ‘breathed’ or collapsed threading through a torus,IMG_3110

then ‘expanded’ to the D.Triaconta once again.
Lynnclaire remarks their research has yet to explore the golden ratio tetra.

 auric knot weaving-spin-toroidal knot threading creates implosion pump



David Koski [who discovered the phi tetra’s UVW] “If a rhombic
triacontahedron has 120 next size down ‘E’ modulesScreen Shot 2015-04-20 at 2.08.24 pm

placed on all 120 surfaces (making the D.T.), its volume
will be that of the related same size rhombic hexecontahedron.”

We explore the rhombic hexecontahedron and show its relationship to
triacontahedral aggregates.




Dan Winter comments: “if the planck dimension is what the proton and the black hole have in common then..Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 1.16.51 pm
it is not just  the proton which needs to be treated as a phase conjugate pump wave – 
– the black hole is also a form of a (negentropic) phase conjugate mirror!
  ” phase conjugate predicts that what EMERGES from the black hole 
will be golden ratio exponents of light speed AND be increased order (negetropic) 
because THE gravity of the black hole – and the proton: IS a phase conjugate mirror!”

We model the densest possible 3D packing of golden ratio vectors and volumetric spaces
[a Space Station – Lightbody entering and exiting the wormhole]



Klee Erwin Quantum Gravity Research model a ‘first principle theory’ of Planck scale space-time
“The gauge symmetry transformations plot perfectly to the vertices of certain golden
related higher dimensional polytopes and lattices related to the E8 lattice.”

Vardeny, Nahata and Agrawal’s paper “Optics of photonic quasicrystal” , show the phi tetra as prime
Brilluion zone, capable of allowing the transmission, steering, manipulation, and control of EM radiation.Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 6.29.47 pm
In some preferred embodiments, the photonic quasicrystal refracts, reflects, defracts, or
absorbs electromagnetic
radiation at individual frequencies.

Donald Casper & Eric Fontano’s paper on Five fold Symmetries;
“The success of this five-dimensional quasicrystallographic analysis suggests that, because the diffraction data
is only observable in three-dimensional reciprocal space, more conventional crystallographic analysis might be
applied to refine real space models of the atomic arrangements in these quasicrystals.”
Conclusion: “We have demonstrated that in the decagonal quasicrystalline realm the Emperor need not wear
five-dimensionally quilted quasiclothes, and we surmise that similar six-dimensional garments will prove
to be unnecessary in the icosahedral quasicrystalline domain.”

A. Scott and C. Caves probe the sub-Planck phase-space structure defining teleportation high fidelityScreen Shot 2015-06-02 at 3.10.49 pm
[a manifold we predict is quasicrystalline encoded]

We have shown the disdyakis is constructed from golden tetra [predicting they are
3D analogues of events mapped by the E8 Gosset Polytope].

we also predict sub-triaconta-tetra inversion symmetries
plot ‘fidelity dynamics’ in sub-Planckian Phase Space.

We have shown the densest packing of golden ratio structures in 3D,
Starchitecture is optimized phi scaling in both vectors and volumes, a plenum of
sub-units WITHIN the triacontahra.

Every rhombic triacontahedron [R.T.] membrane containing twelve smaller by Φ-2 R.T.s,
 each of these 12 contain twelve Φ-2 triaconta etc.

Personal experiences have awakened the ultraterrestrial identity that incarnated as this biological avatar.
We continue to gather confirmation from the physics of consciousness community, who are bringing together
‘first principle systems of wholeness’.
A few experiences are shared on the shamanic portal page.
this is not completely unusual, there are others who have awakened to their trans-earth identity.

Ananda Bosman, had his first contact in the Swiss alps, where he went inside a golden sphere.
In 1984, a Near-Death-Experience (NDE), utterly changed him. This NDE also brought him into a golden
sphere but this time in an Out of the Body Experience(OBE).
Ananda came back transformed, knowing his ultraterrestrial identity.

We share Andromedian UT genetics

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