A Quasicrystalline Waveform Language

Probing Sub-Planck Phase Space [PDF]
Highest Fidelity Teleportation + Whole Body Superconductivity

Starchitecture - Post Biological Plasma Membranes

Manfred Clynes, a former concert pianist studied the relation between music and emotion.
During his many performances he learned that certain parts of his playing moved people more than others.
He studied the wave shapes that were related to human emotions.
The tender hugs and caressing between people seemed to follow predictable envelopes of pressure that were universal.
His studies showed that they were not related to cultural, religious or racial backgrounds.

Expressions of anger and hate where people push and jerk the other also follow predictable wave paths of pressure.

Dan Winter plotted the emotion associated with love as Golden Mean.
The maximum pressure in the hug is at exactly the Golden Mean ratio with respect to the total duration of the hug!

Remote Viewing subPlanck Phase Space
Plasma Lightbody Construction details

all intergeometries of the Triacontahedron are interrelated by golden ratio


Back from the Future - Lightbody [PDF]




The prime 'superparticle' (not a physics particle) that forms golden rhombic structures - the 'E' quanta module (Fuller)




Marshall Lefferts plots 2D phi spirals from different starting points showing the embeddedness.
We believe golden ratio tetrahedra are 3D + 4D voxel voids between multiple phi spirals at five fold symmetry axes.

Robert Gray plots the wave ocillation between dodeca & icosa as 37.377deg,
the central angle of triaconta, the acute angle of
Bucky Fuller's 'E' quanta module (see 182 above).


Bucky Fuller: Volume-surface Ratios of E Quanta Module and Other Modules
986.541 Now, reviewing and consolidating our physically exploratory gains, we note that in addition to
the 0.9995 V2-edged "square"-surfaced T Quanta Module tetrahedron of exactly the same volume as the A, B, C, or D Quanta Modules,
we also have the E Quanta Module__or the "Einstein Module" __whose square edge is exactly vector V = 1.0000 (alpha),
but whose volume is 1.001551606 when the A Quanta Module's volume is exactly 1.0000 (alpha), which volume we have also learned
is uncontainable by chemical structuring, bonding, and the mass-attraction law.
986.542 When the prime-unit vector constitutes the radial distance outward from the triacontahedron's volumetric center O
to the mid-points C of each of its mid-diamond faces, the volume of the rhombic triacontahedron is then slightly greater than tetravolume 5,
being actually tetravolume 5.007758031. Each of the rhombic triacontahedron's 120 internally structured tetrahedra is called an E Quanta Module,
the "E" for Einstein, being the transformation threshold between energy convergently self-interfering as matter = M,
and energy divergently dispersed as radiation = c2. Let us consider two rhombic triacontahedra:
(1) one of radius 0.9995 V of exact tetravolume 5; and (2) one of radius 1.0000 (alpha) of tetravolume 5.007758031.
The exact prime-vector radius 1.0000 (alpha) rhombic triacontahedron volume is 0.007758031 (1/129th) greater than the tetravolume 5__i.e.,
tetravolume 5.007758031. This means that each E Quanta Module is 1.001551606 when the A Quanta Module is 1.0000.
986.543 The 0.000517 radius difference between the 0.999483-radiused rhombic triacontahedron of exactly tetravolume 5 and
its exquisitely minute greater radius-1.0000 (alpha) prime vector, is the exquisite difference between a
local-in-Universe energy-containing module and that same energy being released to become energy radiant.
Each of the 120 right-angle-cornered T Quanta Modules embraced by the tetravolume-5 rhombic triacontahedron is volumetrically
identical to the A and B Quanta Modules, of which the A Modules hold their energy and the B Modules release their energy (Sec. 920).
Each quanta module volume is 0.04166__i.e., 1/24 of one regular primitive tetrahedron, the latter we recall being the minimum symmetric structural system of Universe.
To avoid decimal fractions that are not conceptually simple, we multiply all the primitive hierarchy of symmetric, concentric, polyhedral volumes by 24
after which we can discuss and consider energetic-synergetic geometry in always-whole-rational-integer terms.
986.544 We have not forgotten that radius I is only half of the prime-unit vector of the isotropic vector matrix, which equals unity 2 (Sec. 986.160).
Nor have we forgotten that every square is two triangles (Sec. 420.08); nor that the second-powering of integers is most economically readable as "triangling";
nor that nature always employs the most economical alternatives__but we know that it is momentarily too distracting
to bring in these adjustments of the Einstein formula at this point.
986.545 To discover the significance of the "difference" all we have to do is make another square with edge length of exactly 1.000 (alpha)
(a difference completely invisible at our one-foot-to-the-edge modeling scale), and now our tetrahedron folded out of the model is an exact
geometrical model of Einstein's E = Mc2, which, expressed in vectorial engineering terms, reads E = V2 ;
however, its volume is now 0.000060953 greater than that of one exact energy quanta module.
We call this tetrahedron model folded from one square whose four edge lengths are each exactly one vector long the E Module, naming it for Einstein.
It is an exact vector model of his equation.
986.546 The volumetric difference between the T Module and the E Module is the difference between energy-as-matter and energy-as-radiation.
The linear growth of 0.0005 transforms the basic energy-conserving quanta module (the physicists' particle) from matter into
one minimum-limit "photon" of radiant energy as light or any other radiation (the physicists' wave).

Marvin Solit, with the assistance of Jean LeVaux, presented his Hierarchy of Polyvertexia (polyhedra).
He started with the icosidodecahedron with its thirty vertices.
He connected these vertices to their next nearest neighbor creating 60 new vertices from the 12 emergent pentagrams.
He went on to demonstrate that by connecting these sixty vertices into 20 hexagons, you have 5 cuboctahedrons (5 VE) with a common center.
As this process of connecting emergent vertices proceeds the cube, the tetrahedron, the octahedron, and the rhombic dodecahedrons all emerge
as compound five polyhedra. Using Zometool we worked in teams making models of naturally emerging compound 5 polyhedra.
Marvin had built several fascinating models of polyhedra within polyhedra demonstrating a hierarchy of structures.
He also presented a compound 5 structor tetrahedron.


Individual and collective Vajra Diamond Body

Open structure, 600 triaconta cluster

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 1.10.08 pm

Creating an inhabitable wavelightbody-as-wave


ColorCircleGoethe scientifically proved that colors do not originate from fragmented white light. Instead, colors emerge where light and darkness meet.
Newton only examined the case of light in front of a background of darkness. At these borders, we find on one side the colors of red and orange, and on the other side the colors of indigo and purple. When these border colors overlap each other, the full color spectrum emerges, with green in the middle (as shown in the image below on the left-hand side).

In the case of darkness in front of a background of light, different border colors emerge. At these borders, we now find on one side the color of yellow, and on the other side the color of cyan.BorderColors-300x177

And when these border colors overlap each other, another full color spectrum emerges, with magenta in the middle (as shown in the above image on the right-hand side).
Goethe proved that both light and darkness are required for the perception of colors.

Tom Brown explains: "We must also question the wavelength theory of light. It no doubt has an engineerable reality attached to it, but how does magenta fit in? It doesn’t, even though green and magenta can be clearly discerned as being formed from the two color poles. All prismatic colors are not allowed into the “electromagnetic” spectrum, and thus magenta must have no wavelength. It is considered to be a secondary mixture, unlike it’s polar opposite, green. How is the wavelength deduced? By use of diffraction gratings and similar objects which manufacture colors along borders. Thus it may be considered that the wavelengths have a certain reality, but that it is a secondary activity related to the interaction of the materials used in its production, and thus may not be a primary attribute.
Thinking along these lines gives rise to grave concerns with the present conception of the linear electromagnetic spectrum. This is not to say that the experiments giving rise to this conception are incorrect, rather, their interpretation has produced a comprehension of only part of our functioning reality, and with the attitude that this is the whole story on the energies of the universe.
Goethe combined the two projectable spectrums together to create a color circle which takes in the true structure of prismatic colors. Let us start travelling his circle at red, then follow around to orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and then back to red. To fully understand this diagram we must define the colors as Goethe used them in this circle: “red” is what we shall term magenta, it is the central prismatic color in the dark slit experiment, Goethe also termed it pur-pur, peach-blossom, or pure-red; “orange is what is red”; yellow, green and blue are as they are, and “purple” is violet. Goethe had clear reasons for these designations.
Goethe felt that green was actually the lowest among the “living” colors (white, black and grey being “dead”). On the other hand he called magenta “pure red” and considered it the ascent of color towards its highest point, “The path to culmination in pure red appears more dynamic; the appearance of green has more of an atomistic nature.” It is clear that Goethe considered green and magenta to be polar opposites.

For reasons now becoming clear the light slit (ROYGBIV) spectrum will be forthwith designated as the “physical” spectrum, and the dark slit (YRMVB) spectrum as the “etheric”. It will be discerned that this true structure of color has a direct and profound relationship with the structure and function of the human body."184-icosidodeca

The Pre-Polarity inert Ether (Amethyst-Magenta) polarizes to +- in the Golden Rhombus

Academy of Future Arts & Sciences_000012 copy
Icosidodeca 4D WaveAbove we show the two prime colours in Goethe's 'etheric colour spectrum'
blue & yellow, are the angles of the golden Rhombus 63.4 & 116.6deg.
Thirty golden Rhombi create Rhombic Triacontahedron membrane.
Rhombic Triaconta has over 380 million stellations (degrees of freedom).
Bucky Fuller modelled a transverse wave as the Icosidodecahedron,
its dual is the Triaconta, collapsing the Icosidodeca wave forms
the Triaconta-a definable membrane.
Standing waves can form in the RT as a consequence of multiple
diffractions covering the whole reciprocal space, it can be expected
RT and other quasicrystal forms will trap radiation arriving from
almost every angle with the capability of allowing the transmission,
control & steering of the maximum number of waves at the maximum
number of angles. Golden rhombi naturally compress in phi ratio lengths,
the short length becomes the long, a collapse takes place with a series
of phi ratio scaled rhombi, this progression 'spins' and is called
the 'L Gate' by contemporary Thoth, this fractal phi collapse of RT
membrane after RT membrane (centripetal) would be magenta.
We have shown elsewhere RT can be packed in clusters of 12/13
144 - 1728 - 20,736 - 238832 etc, the Urantia Book claims these
numbers as the clustering of Angelic Orders. This packing is the
prime golden ratio clustering of completed 'spherical' units or
Welcome to the Sphere Alliance & Galactic Starship Alpha X2.

Dorje - two Phi Rhomboids

Dorje - two Phi Rhomboids

Star-Suns at enormous 'omnidirectionally radiant' photonic quasicrystals,...... inside STARS - A.A.Bailey's 'Heart of the Sun' where compression density is greatest we can expect cold plasma. Esoteric has always indicated going into the heart of the Sun (a non-thermal electric blue superplasma Orb). Bailey mentions Cosmic Paths, the path of the Solar Logos being one. 
Prime geometry - photonic quasicrystal the
Triacontahedron (Bucky Fuller - 986.480).
232 solar logos

Intelligently organized quasicrystalline wave fields (the Higher Evolution), or post biological lifestylers.

Time-space & space-time dimensions (Dewey Larson), artistic representations herehere & here.

RA-the planetary society from Venus have interacted with humanity for centuries, during the early 1980's a series of questions and answers were recorded between this group and Carla Rueckert.


41.5 Questioner: In your last statement did you mean that the sixth-density entities are actually creating the manifestation of the sun in their density? Could you explain what you meant by that?

Ra: I am Ra. 'In relationship to the densities, the sun body may physically, as you would say, be seen to be a large body of gaseous elements undergoing the processes of fusion and radiating heat and light. Metaphysically, the sun achieves a meaning to fourth through seventh density according to the growing abilities of entities in these densities to grasp the living creation and coentity, or other-self, nature of this sun body. Thus by the sixth density the sun may be visited and inhabited by those dwelling in time/ space and may even be partially created from moment to moment by the processes of sixth density entities in their evolution. […] In this density some entities whose means of reproduction is fusion may choose to perform this portion of experience as part of the beingness of the sun body. Thus you may think of portions of the light that you receive as offspring of the generative expression of sixth-density love.'

37.6 Questioner: You said that each third-density entity has an higher self in the sixth density which is moving to the mind/body/spirit complex of the entity as needed. Does this higher self also evolve in growth through the densities beginning with the first density, and does each higher self have a corresponding higher self advanced in densities beyond it?

Ra: I am Ra. To simplify this concept is our intent. The higher self is a manifestation given to the late sixth-density mind/body/spirit complex as a gift from its future selfness. The mid-seventh density’s last action before turning towards the allness of the Creator and gaining spiritual mass is to give this resource to the sixth-density self, moving as you measure time in the stream of time. This self, the mind/body/spirit complex of late sixth density, has then the honor/duty of using both the experiences of its total living bank or memory of experienced thoughts and actions, and using the resource of the mind/body/spirit complex totality left behind as a type of infinitely complex thought-form. In this way you may see your self, your higher self or Oversoul, and your mind/body/spirit complex totality as three points in a circle. The only distinction is that of your time/space continuum. All are the same being.

My memories of Space Stations Alpha-2 and Alpha-X using OBE-RV techniques to explore time-space/space-time

Robert Monroe Institute's Starlines program.

Skip Atwater, "The next exercise, Intro Focus-49 Exploring the Local Group Including the Andromeda Galaxy, expands the voyages of the STARLINES participants beyond the boundaries of the Milky Way. Focus-49 is the state from which it becomes easy to perceive the seemingly infinite sea of bonded I-There Clusters and continue to know and re-member (assemble again) Total Self.
In Focus-49, another “mind tool” called Space Station Alpha-X is introduced. From this locale, still within the dimensional energies of the Milky Way, yet closer to the Stargate of the Galactic Core, participants are able to comfortably and clearly launch explorations of our surrounding galaxies. Space Station Alpha-X is an ethereal milieu and may not appear solid to the observer, as did some of the areas on Space Station Alpha-2. Like Space Station Alpha-2, Space Station Alpha-X is thought to exist independently—created by beings representing many aspects of the time-space continuum, as well as those beyond time-space. From here, STARLINES explorers begin their voyages into the local group of galaxies close to the Milky Way."

Sonoluminescence, omnidirectionally implosive, optimized by Φ ratio scaling collapse (scalar sound waves faster than light), reverse the process - a sun is born, works in a similar way to 3D photonic quasicrystal brillouin zones.

Mark White at Codefun has discovered the DNA genetic Code pertaining to our Lightbody (please check out his work)

Mark plots 120 rotational permutations of the dodeca-icosa vertices, the same vertices that map the 120 phi tetrahedra's external faces,
our view is;
Mapping DNA using triaconta (inclusive of dodeca-icosa) reveals the implosive to centre fractal phi scaling tetrahedra,
inverse mirroring of the arrival of Soul during the incarnation process.

from Mark's website (support Mark's projects)

"The genetic code dogma has utterly failed.
Introducing: The Perfect Code Theory







The first step toward properly understanding the genetic code is to realize that nobody
actually understands it.

The second step is to realize that the genetic code is a dodecahedral molecular language.
The dodecahedron and icosahedron are dual to each other, a relationship where vertices in
one solid match face centers in the other.

There are 120 distinct rotational permutations of three adjacent faces on a dodecahedron.
Each permutation defines one of twenty vertices, or twenty distinct symbolic triangles."

Shri Babaji dematerializes into a 'ball of 'light'
Shri Babaji is acknowledged as the Shiva Mahavatar Babaji described by Paramahansa Yogananda in "Autobiography of a Yogi': a Mahavatar being a human manifestation of the Divine who can materialize a body at will. One manifestation of Babaji was around 1800 at which time He traveled extensively in the Kumaon region of the Himalayas, gathering his devotees and disciples around him.  In 1922 He traveled to the meeting place of the Kali and Gori Rivers, seated Himself on the surface of the water and disappeared in a ball of light.

A little about the new state of matter; ORMUS Elementshave been called ORMEs, monoatomic gold, white gold, white powder gold, ORMUS, m-state, AuM, microclusters, and manna.
The atomic-molecular arrays of these elements cluster in fractal quasicrystalline fashion - similar to supersymmetric plasma, accounting for their displays of levitation and trans-physical transparency.

232 rhombics
Bioplasma life forms are electromagnetic life forms which use magnetic fields to form structures and electric fields as agents of transport.  (Jay Alfred)
Complex plasma (which is what bioplasma bodies are composed of, according to plasma metaphysics) can exist in a liquid-crystal state - similar to biological cells in the human body. Particles in a liquid-crystal phase are free to move about in much the same way as in a liquid, but as they do so they remain oriented in a certain direction.

Starseed access information from their ET or UT genetic family
Starseed from Andromeda Galaxy


Andromedean 'contactee' Ananda Bosman has developed a similar personal pod.

Ananda: "What is a Light Body, first of all. Our whole body contains micro light, soft light, ultraviolet. If we were to have an optimum quantity of infrared we could potentially be immortal. We are not referring to the light body the common way, which is to convert your electrons, electricity, the physicality, to photons, which are particles of light, thus into a laser. We are talking about bringing the electrons, the photons, the electricity and the light, to a superconducting state.

We are focussing on bringing the body to non-locality, into another spatial dimension, a 'fourth spatial dimension'.

To anchor our virtual body, our Virtual Star Ship (virtual means pure information), our Thoton-self, requires actualizing hologram-like particles of thought. Made from what the alchemists call Prima Materia, incorruptible, original matter, or Aqua Vita (note* non-thermal magnetic plasma)The techniques we teach turns out to be almost identical to the very ancient Tibetan Buddhistic techniques, now called Vajra Buddhism, or Vajrayana".

225 super plasma
Jay Alfred explains: "Plasma life forms have bioplasma bodies. These are electromagnetic bodies which generate electromagnetic fields and radiate electromagnetic waves. Embedded in these bioplasma bodies are "plasma antennae" which can tune-in and receive electromagnetic waves generated by other bioplasma bodies. (Plasma antennae are actually being used today in scientific laboratories.) The bodies of plasma life forms that we encounter are molded by our expectations which radiate out from our own bioplasma bodies in the form of electromagnetic waves and are received by them through their embedded antennae (see Jay Alfred, Between the Moon and Earth, 2007). The nearer they come to you the better they are able to tune-in to the thought waves (i.e. electromagnetic waves which are modulated by your thoughts) you are radiating out from your bioplasma body. For example, in the Marian apparitions at Fatima (Portugal), the children saw a ball of light which resolved into a man-like angel as it got nearer to the children."