Inhabitable Non-Thermal Plasma Fields: Golden Ratio Fractal Structures.

Unified Fractal Field Theory modelling the fundamental structure
of the Cold Plasma, stablized implo-fields.

100% model-able - this Field is based on golden ratio tetrahedra,
Disdyakis & Rhombic Triacontahedra and golden rhombic structures.



After making models of these phi rhombic membranes, use imagination to bond them together, but construct from the INSIDE (like painting the inside of your bedroom), during the process real-time on the job inspiration/instruction takes over.
Aim for precision & explore spiralling thru polar axes, spins (hula hooping) on various axes + gyroscopic flipping.

The resultant highly charged Aether membranes are inhabitable
(mobile home for consciousness), self stablized via phi ratio implosive fractality.

Focussing on a destination, launches these membranes along a phi spiral trajectory 
(DNA as Photonic Genetic information), repositioning in the appropriate dimension, or another 3D location
In some cases there may be enough coherence that full biological dematerialization takes place, transmigration becomes possible.

Part Three: Starchitecture: Inhabitable membranes for Unified Consciousness (Ultraterrestrials & Galactic Federation).

Tai Chi practitioners construct an 'Energy ball' between their hands, names for this include Aether/Plasma/Torus/Dielectric Field.

Part Four: Quasicrystals & Physics for Children

Part Five: Instruction video for Starchitects

Part Six: Movie Set Designs for the Organic Future Timeline

Part Seven: 3D Holographic Quantum Computer Storage Architecture

Part Eight: the Disdyakis Triacontahedron


Gia Dvali, professor of physics at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich
is promoting Black Holes as quantum computers, a solution to data storage based upon
Bode-Einstein clusters, an ultra-efficient hologramic quantum computer.