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UNIVERSE : "Thought generated" negentropically recursive golden ratio waveforms

Centripetally embedded Quasicrystal Waveforms

We map Universe cosmotoplogically as an Icosidodecahedron, this form naturally collapses to it dual the Rhombic Triacontahedron.
Icosidodeca is optimum stable EM waveform and Triaconta is optimum resonant phase conjugate dielectric cavity.







Below demonstrates this collapse from Icosidodecahedron (stable EM waveform) to Triacontahedron (stable Resonant phase conjugate cavity)





Coherent negentropic liquid crystal plasma is a modern term for the Aether and higher astral realms.

Role of Water is replaced by Liquid-Crystal Plasma (Jay Alfred)
Liquid water is essential for biochemical life as an agent for transport and protein folding. Its high heat capacity, ability to remain a liquid over a wide temperature range and properties as a solvent ensures a stable and useful substrate for biochemical activities. Its importance, however, is relative to biochemical life - not electromagnetic life. It is not necessary for electromagnetic life which uses magnetic fields to form structures and electric fields as agents of transport.
Complex plasma (which is what bioplasma bodies are composed of, according to plasma metaphysics) can exist in a liquid-crystal state - similar to biological cells in the human body. Particles in a liquid-crystal phase are free to move about in much the same way as in a liquid, but as they do so they remain oriented in a certain direction. This feature may make it superior to the properties of water - enabling liquid crystal bioplasma, polarized by magnetic and electric fields, to serve as an electronic matrix, a co-ordinate system and a template for the morphogenesis of the carbon-based fetus. In this role, the symbiotic bioplasma body acts as a developmental catalyst for the carbon-based body.

Jay concludes: The appearance and properties of complex plasma life forms, described by various observers, suggest a category of electromagnetic life forms that are not available for controlled examination because of limitations in current scientific instruments.

Recent discoveries  map the Planck scale space-time fabric as 'quasicrystalline', while the size ratio across scales, linking all,
is golden ratio harmonics from Planck.
These two ‘constants’ provide practical information for rebooting our Plasma-Lightbody.

Fibonacci basics

 Lightbody probes can traverse the Planck space-time scale if the Space Station is golden ratio coherent,
eventually intent + destination frequency will distribute decoupled probes throughout the galaxy ( [BEC] - see reaction-diffusion wave)

The symmetry of sub-Planckian phase space (aether + astral environments) is a six axes spin network [the 6-Double Pentagonal Tensegrity Sphere]
indexed by 5-fold quasicrystal
(scaffolding of the Aether) geometries.

Superluminally stable volumetric vectors
Centralized golden rhombi tessellations form fractal rhombic structures generating recursive vortices within vortices (fractal compression).

Centre meeting recursive vortices generate a phi scaled series of longitudinal wave inside longitudinal wave building the power spectra
necessary to suck self similar phi voxels into and through the long range vector tubes.
Long range reverse phase conjugation at the destination unpacks as stand alone quasicrystal plasma structures.

Esoteric wisdom on the anatomy of magnetic plasma-based life forms
blue-indigo rays of ancient cultures, and esoteric Tibetan Buddhism.

Golden Ratio Tetrahedra - SubPlanck Phase Space Substructure



golden ratio tetrahedral spiral
golden ratio tetrahedral prototiles, phi edge length and phi volume ratios
every phi tetra can be packed
with an infinite number of smaller by phi golden tetra.


Each triacontapod  - Lightbody/ColdPlasma unit within the cluster is stablised by compression dynamics , modelled as the dodeca-icosa-dodeca stellating scaffolding.


Ten phi tetra's, shaped like an EGG or PINE CONE, spin-collapse from opposite directions [grab a coke can with both hands and twist], becoming the volume of phi spiral conic vectors. The torque spin of both poles is clockwise centripetal [unlike the toroid's inside-outing]. The 180deg out of phase implosion vectors conjugate at the centre, generating a longitudinal wave.

Dan Winter adds: "the unified field appears to be made of a compressible unified substance which behaves like a fluid in the wind. It matters little whether you call it aether, ether, or ‘the space time continuum of curved space’ or, as we choose to call it, the compression and rarefaction of the vacuum as really particle/waves of CHARGE itself. The huge inertia which is clearly present in the vacuum, IS literally like a WIND. So, tilting at windmills with the right approach angle to transform the wind power to a life-giving-energizing advantage and not be blown away by it IS the appropriate way to gain the power of nature. Consider the pine cone or the chicken egg (or DNA proteins ) for example. Along the lines of the windmill analogy, clearly they arrange themselves into the perfect windmill- like configuration to catch the charge in the wind of gravity (the vacuum). That perfect windmill to catch the voltage, the energy - is clearly pine cone (fractal) shaped."


Winter often quotes the research of Charle Leadbeater and Annie Besant, two Theosophists who were able to view the prime aether unit they called an ANU (5th Tattva), this was the smallest unit they could 'see'. Winter is unaware that micro-PSI investorgator Geoff Hodson, was capable of 'seeing' the energy fields far smaller than the ANU (ANU=5th Tattva-EGG-PINE CONE-torus),  Hodson shares his observations of the ANU (ether/plasma torus, UPA) and 'free' particles (definable voxel voids) that we model as golden tetrahedra (7th Tattva) which bond together to make golden rhombic structures (6th + 7th Tattvas the energy fields within the vacuum, voxel void fluctuations) and a volumetric golden ratio spiral that nests perfectly into the stellating dodeca-icosa-dodeca scaffolding waveguide of fractal implosion.

"The sight I have of these objects is, I think, improved from the earlier observations (Geoff is referring to Leadbeater & Besant). They're surrounded by a field of spinning particles going round them. The one I've got hold of is like a spinning top — the old-fashioned spinning top, but imagine that with (spinning rapidly) a mist or field round it of at least half its own dimension, of particles spinning (Winter-inertia which is clearly present in the vacuum, IS literally like a WIND) in the same direction much smaller than itself (Winter-the unified field appears to be made of a compressible unified substance which behaves like a fluid in the wind). The Anu is not only the heart-shaped corrugated form that I have described, it is the centre of a great deal of energy and activity and within it. Outside it, as I have said, there's this rushing flood of particles, the corrugations themselves are alive with energy and some of it is escaping — not all of it, but some of it, and this gives it a tremendously dynamic look. Inside, it's almost like a furnace, it is like a furnace (I don't mean in heat) of boiling activity — organised by the bye, yes, in some form of spiral fashion admittedly, but there's a great deal of activity of free, minuter particles (Winter-The huge inertia which is clearly present in the vacuum, IS literally like a WIND). Now, I want to record again the experience of the whole phenomenon being pervaded by countless myriads of minutest conceivable, physically inconceivably minute points of light which I take to be free anu and which for some reason are not caught up in the system of atoms at all but remain unmoved by it and pervade it. These are everywhere. They pervade everything, like ... Strangely unaffected by the tremendous forces at work in the atom and rushes of energy, and so forth, they don't seem to get caught up in those or be affected much by them. If at all. They remain as a virgin atmosphere in which the phenomenon is taking place."

The oscillation from human heart resembles the dynamics of the embedding processes within compound five structures.
The triaconta is encased by trefoil knots.
An in-breath from triaconta to torus is circumnavigated by Fourier Knots, the knot-string in cross section reveals a helical [UPA] string.

the Gosset Polytope - with its icosidodeca-rhombic triaconta-disdyakis triaconta shells, not only embodies the UPA superstring (StarMotherKit-stellating dodeca-icosa) but ALSO the 240 gauge charges spread throughout the StarMotherkit scaffolding. Analogous to the 240 golden ratio edge length (120Φ + 120Φ2) tetrahedra that form the volume of the disdyakis.
Tony Smith and Klee Irwin present compelling evidence using the regular tetrahedral qubit approach to build the Gosset, it seems they do accept the possibility of a quasicrystal approach.

The Council of Nine via Marina Jacobi on Universal Magma

The secrets of the individual Ka, Vajra, Diamond Lightbody originated in the ancient mystery schools.

Starchitects create Space Stations [refer Space Station Alpha-X], from energy, similar to the 'energy ball' by Tai Chi practitioners

Stage one Theory: [a] Transdimensional Constants, [b] Starchitecture modelling, [c] understanding fractal field physics, [d] dynamics of the quantum entangled space-time garment, [e] the Mereon Matrix, [f] Earthgrid-intersellar axiatonal lines-plotting stargates.
Stage two Practice: [a] plasmic auric field weaving -  threading & spins (whirling), [b] constructing and animating holographic Starchitectual thoughtforms, [d] propagating longitudinal toroidal knots.


Self-referential languages define the principle of least action, the most efficient codes underlying nature.

The Gosset Polytope (whose 240 vertices define the 240 root vectors of the Lie group E8) is the prime code.Researcher Stephen Phillips  “The Gosset polytope is an 8D-polytope analogue of the disdyakis triacontahedron — a 3D-polytope.”

David Koski “If a rhombic triacontahedron adds 120 phi scaled ‘E’ tetra on all 120 surfaces (making the disdyakis), its volume will be that of the related same size rhombic hexecontahedron.”

Starchitecture models numerous transformations from triacont to r. hexecontausing golden tetra and golden rhomboids

Phillips summarises "The inevitable conclusion to be drawn is that the Ultimate Physical Atom (UPA)  is, indeed, an E8×E8' heterotic superstring the symmetry of whose forces is described by E8. In other words, the Gosset polytope embodies not only the 240 roots of E8 but also the number of circular turns in the 10 helical whorls along which the 240 E8 gauge charges are spread."

Donald Casper & Eric Fontano’s; '5-fold Symmetries';“We have demonstrated that in the decagonal quasicrystalline realm the Emperor need not wear five-dimensionally quilted quasiclothes, and we surmise that similar six-dimensional garments will prove to be unnecessary in the icosahedral quasicrystalline domain.”

Vardeny, Nahata and Agrawal’s;  'Optics of photonic quasicrystal';The phi tetrahedron is prime Brilluion zone, capable of the transmission, steering, manipulation & control of EM radiation. The photonic quasicrystal refracts, reflects, defracts, or absorbs electromagnetic
radiation at individual frequencies.A. Scott and C. Cavesprobe the sub-Planck phase-space structure defining teleportation high fidelity.