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It won't be long now, when groups of Starseed take flight back into galaxy, not using technology but by sheer intent alone. Luminate is a training ground for post Earth transmigration, an interstellar traveling circus.

Local Soul Group prepares for transmigration
Since we began in 2008, Luminate Festival has taken great care to embed golden ratio into all aspects of the festival, including the social dynamics.
The festival site layout, alignment of zones, placement of poles, stage design, graphics and logos are all based on the geometry of the rhombic triacontahedron, pentagon, decagon, and rhombic hexecontahedron, providing harmonic resonance with nature, and enhancing ecological consciousness.
‘Spacecraft flotilla’ is a term adopted by the Luminate crew to describe the complex interconnectedness of all the parts of the festival that need to be organized and co-created with a shared vision, ethos and heart connection.

When we commune and empathize with nature, our hearts and minds create music in the scale of phi harmonics, forming networks that embrace all time and all space.

Genadi Tkachenko-Papizh, a contemporary shaman, take a listen and experience an instant journey to the heart. The physical sound is the repercussion in matter of the descending inaudible Sound-current, set in motion by the will underlying the spiritual depth of the musician.

George Gurdjieff’s 'Meetings with remarkable men' tells of his wanderings in the East, and helped him answer his pressing questions about the human organism and the universe. The film opens with a solemn gathering for a musical contest, in a valley framed by majestic mountains. People from miles around, including Gurdjieff & his father, arrive to watch musicians perform before a panel of elders. The prize will be awarded to the player or singer who produces the sound with the truest vibrations. ‘Only a sound of special quality can make the stones vibrate’, as Gurdjieff’s father tells him. One singer makes it happen: an echo comes back from the lofty peaks.

Bioplasmic Physics: Whirling can ingather an incredible amount of chi/life ether, drawing it in through the vortex. Eventually its like learning to drive a car, becoming automatic, focus can then be concentrated elsewhere, like remote viewing or remote healing, further, realtime inspiration kicks in and spontaneous creative actions unfold at a phenomenal speed.


535 trefoil double

While whirling try weaving this double helix trefoil knot around you as an auric field, later weave two counter rotating knots, eventually compress the knots and thread them through a torus.

During my only DMT experience i found myself 'docking' onto the rhombic Hexecontahedron. Simplest conclusion, 'I' seems be a rhombic hexeconta-rhombic triacontahedron complex (see Robert Monroe's I-There).

Galactic Heliocentric Astrology

Galactic Heliocentric Astrology based upon golden ratio, John Harris proves the dynamics of solar mechanics are built on phi ratio's "the relationship between the Phi-Series and the Lucas Series begins to become apparent. Included here with respect to unity are the Phi-Series planetary framework mean values for the periods of revolution, the intermediate synodic cycles, the mean heliocentric distances and the mean orbital velocities". Applying this to astrology requires a sun centred chart and decagonal angles, we begin with the 1% 'zone' between 26deg tropical Sagittarius and 0% Capricorn, where the Galactic Centre & Gate of God Stargate are found.

A few options are offered12694532_1023332114407312_1455886272362798219_o

1: Helio chart interpretations, including a near future positive timeline schedule

2: Learn the Stars and instructions to make a Star Globe for OBE and Remote Viewing

3: Instructions on how to interpret galactic helio charts.

Travellers arriving from elsewhere use the Schumann resonance to lock onto earth.
Sirius, Orion and Pleadies are at nodes of a local interstellar BEC, travel between our Solar system is direct, other stars may not be within reach directly and a few stargates might be required to reach them.  David Sereda has spent many years refining his ideas. Star frequencies here. Stargate travel explained.

Bashar gives an analogy for teleportation


above- we're outside the Milky Way looking towards our Central Spiritual Sun

Left; is Abell 3627 the cluster at the centre of the Great Attractor

Center; is the larger and more magnetic Shapley Supercluster

Right;  is the local supergalaxy centre, Virgo A.

Local Universe Stargate Wormhole Roadmap for OBEers + Remote Viewers

 Plasma 'wormhole' tubes - Longitudinal waves

Plotting this Stargate Wormhole Roadmap is the Path of the Magician in the World of Malkuth (physical reality) on the Kabalist Tree

Robert Monroe’s Focus Levels.   Starlines Report  a guide to navigation.
Tour through Stargates.  Focus 42 we arrive at the galactic council Space station. Intergalactic Stargates- Focus-49 and Space Station Alpha-X.

EMBEDDING or PERFECT NESTING.. the physics of charge compression.
Cosmo-Genetic Family Tree video-nested within a quasicrystal Universe.

Tools for the advanced OBE’er & Remote Viewers

1. the most important idea ‘the journey is the goal’, the focus is primarily upon the practice ‘tools’, not the goal while remembering most apprenticeships last 3-5yrs.
Plotting Stargates