Cosmotological Gravitational Heart  [PDF - C.I.A.] - Core of the Shapley Supercluster
Cosmotopological Source of Negentropy

The surface membrane of our LOCAL Universe is a Quasicrystal, therefore where is the centre?
Would this centre be the exit Stargate to other Universes? and the non-physical domain of creative Thought - the Celestial Realms [PDF]?

Milky Way in the centre - we are spinning around the supergalactic equator


Magenta Pixie

We have provided a considerable amount of 'evidence' as a starting point for further research.
Our geometric overlays on actual astrophysical photos speak for itself.

The stabilizing mechanism underlying Cosmogenetic negentropy is recursive nesting of fractal phi waveforms.

We map Universe cosmotoplogically as an Icosidodecahedron (above), this form naturally collapses to it dual the Rhombic Triacontahedron.


Below demonstrates this collapse from Icosidodecahedron to Triacontahedron

Icosidodeca models a stable Electromagnetic Wave
Fuller: Series vs Parallel Circuitry: The difference between gravitation and radiation is analogous to the difference between
parallel wiring and series wiring in electricity. Series wiring (Icosidodecahedron) is an open system, like the wire-strung lights on an old-fashioned Christmas tree:
Parallel wiring (R.Triacontahedron + associated Rhombic Structures) is an integrative system, a closed system.
It is not the "parallelism" that matters but the fact that the circuit is closed.
The word parallel came into use only because of the diagram first used to demonstrate the principle as well as the fact that the
closed-circuit wire is conveniently doubled back upon itself and bound into one "lead" for house-wiring purposes.
The fact that the vectors are drawn in parallel is only a convenience for the construction industry.
The same-length vectors-ergo, the same energy magnitude involvement-used correctly, can provide either function.
Here we have the convergent integration and divergent open system language of synergetics identified in the language of electricity.

Brent Tully (University of Hawaii, Honolulu) and colleagues mapped the local universe’s web of filaments, clusters, and voids,
creating a fascinating video simulation of the flow patterns in the gravitational watershed.
Now, they’ve taken a closer look using their Cosmicflows-2 catalog, which contains more than 8,100 galaxies.
The new catalog reveals where the flows merge and diverge, unveiling a gargantuan structure on whose periphery the Milky Way sits.

The Great Attractor is a central valley in this newly demarcated watershed.

The team calls this huge supercluster Laniakea, from the Hawaiian lani (heaven) + akea (spacious, immeasurable).
The analysis also reveals other structures, including a separate supercluster called Perseus-Pisces and a distant concentration named Shapley,
which lies about 650 million light-years away and toward which Laniakea is moving.”

C.I.A. 391
Coherent fractal Cosmogenetic Family Tree


Astronomer Kocevski and collaborators report finding far fewer massive cluster systems near the Great Attractor than would be expected given the region's proposed mass.
"One of our goals was to uncover the true mass of the Great Attractor. 

What we found is that it is not that great after all," says Kocevski. Instead, the CIZA team identified a significant concentration of galaxies behind the Great Attractor, near the Shapley Supercluster,

which lies 500 million light-years away or four times the distance to the Great Attractor region. The Shapley Supercluster,
first identified in 1930 by Harlow Shapley, is the most massive association of galaxies out of the 220 identified superclusters in the observable Universe.
It contains the equivalent of nearly 10,000 Milky Ways, or four times the amount of mass currently observed in the Great Attractor region.
Kocevski analyzed how all the clusters surrounding the Milky Way would affect it and found that only 44% of our galaxy's motion through space
is due to the gravitational pull of galaxies in the nearby Great Attractor region. The remaining portion is the result of a large-scale flow in
which much of the local Universe, including perhaps the Great Attractor itself, is being pulled toward the Shapley Supercluster.


Shapley Concentration: largest gravitationally interacting unit.

Galactic Centre Sgr-A

Astrophysicist Paul LaViolette has collected evidence (he uses the regular astronomic data) to prove there can't be a 'regular' black hole as thought by astronomers at galactic centre, their own data doesn't support black hole theory - yet does support a 'singular' stellar object *Sgr-A*. Theres *Radio Emissions* coming from within the Black Hole event horizon whereas this shouldn’t be the case.
Paul begins: “The diameter of this luminous region inside the event horizon will be found to be smaller than the event horizon, thereby proving that the Galactic core is not a black hole. A posting to this effect can be found here”:
“Conventional astronomy has for decades maintained that the core of our Galaxy harbors a black hole singularity. The latest estimate places the mass of the core at 4.3 ± 0.3 million solar masses. Since its first publication in 1985, subquantum kinetics has maintained that black holes can’t form. It maintains that the massive objects in the cores of galaxies are instead very massive, very OLD STELLAR CORES which are kept from collapsing by the prodigious amount of “geneic” energy produced in their interior through the predicted photon blueshifting effect.
Subquantum kinetics has maintained that Sgr A* is not a black hole, but a “MOTHER STAR.”

Paul continues: “Subquantum kinetics has maintained that Sgr A* is not a black hole, but a “mother star.” New observational evidence of the Galactic core that has been coming in favors this subquantum kinetics interpretation. Recently, it has been determined that Sgr A* has a diameter of just 37 micro arc seconds or 39 million km if we assume a Galactic center distance of 23,000 light years. This is about one third the diameter of Mercury’s orbit or 28 times the diameter of the Sun. By comparison, a 4.3 million solar mass black hole is calculated to have a Schwarzschild radius of 13.3 million kilometers and due to gravitational lensing the Schwarzschild event horizon should appear to us to have a diameter of 69 million km (5.2 times larger than the Schwarzschild radius). This would be about 56 percent the diameter of Mercury’s orbit. So the Galactic center is actually observed to have a radius almost half as large as is predicted by black hole theory. That is, radio emission is coming from a region which black hole theory predicts should be completely dark, from which light should not escape!”

Rudolf Steiner on the nature of the Sun and by fractal analogy our Galactic Centre Mother Sun.
Steiner didn’t have access to the fractal maths/mechanics but his description is similar to Dan Winter’s negentropic phi spiral wave compression.

Galactic Centre Sun

Ancients called our Galactic Centre a “Galactic Sun” or “Central Sun” - an actual Genetic-Mother-Sun.
Modern era astrophysicist Paul LaViolette has collected evidence to prove this to be the case (see links).
Imagine pre-Galaxy, a solar system positioned at the Milky Way Centre.
Ancient and contemporary sources mention a Galactic Elder Race (not the Lyran Founders), a Galactic Administration located at Milky Way Centre.

Interestingly using Alphanumerics
a=1 - z=26
each phrase here comes to 222
The Centre of the Galaxy
Galactic Administration
Overseeing the Galaxy
Celestial Civil Service
Local Universe Agents
at the Co-Ordination Hub

 Electric Universe theorist Mel Acheson wrote: "Clusters of galaxies are pinches in a supergalactic Birkeland current.
The usual morphology of a Birkeland current is a double helix, or a hierarchy of double helices.
With greater resolution, each filament of a current is, at a smaller scale, a tube of filaments which, in pairs, tend to spiral around a common axis."

Forces exerted by electrified plasma contained in the twisting filaments of Birkeland currents dominate the universe.
They circulate in a cosmic circuit that flows into our field of view and then out into the void with long-range attraction between them.
Therefore, the most probable "Great Attractors" are those filaments of electrified plasma with billions-of-trillion-times more intense fields of influence than gravity.

It is there we should look for our explanations and not to centuries-old hypotheses conceived in a time when none of today's observations were possible."

Both Andromeda and the Milky Way's satellite galaxies orbit in a thin ring.
A superconducting ring of electricity explains the north-south polar structural shape of the thin plane where satellite galaxies orbit within and around their larger parent galaxy.
Superconductivity is the mathematical analog of magnetism.
This is proof that a huge filament connects Andromeda's and the milky way's  dwarf galaxies to the parent galaxy.
There is a fractal hierarchy of cosmic filaments connecting structures together in an electromagnetic universe.

The plasmoid at the core of the Andromeda galaxy is not now discharging. But this suggests that it has discharged in the past and could discharge again.
In this regard, Halton Arp’s discussion of the Local Group of galaxies (in Quasars,Redshifts and Controversies, pp. 128-132) is of interest.
The Andromeda galaxy (M31) is the largest member of the group (of which our galaxy, the Milky Way, is also a member).
All the other members of the group, as well as several intergalactic hydrogen clouds, are strung out in a line along M31’s spin axis.
Arp’s ejection model (1998):

As seen in the above illustration, quasars are ejected from their parent galaxy and will evolve into mature galaxies over time.
Arp’s model is based on observations of active (Seyfert) galaxies that show pairing of identically redshifted quasars predominantly along the minor (rotation) axis of these galaxies.

David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill have modeled the inflow of plasma - kundaline into the north pole of galaxies, literally triggering the galaxy into being.
Arp Halton noted in his research on the origins of Quasars and Galaxy Clusters that large "elliptical" galaxies located at the center of galaxy clusters
sent jets of plasma out in opposite directions, from these jets quasars developed, which over time fragmented into a smaller cluster of galaxies,
all maintaining plasmic connections to the ‘Mother’ central galaxy.

An example used by Arp and Russell is the pinwheel galaxy M101 and associated cluster.
M101 offers a unique view from our position at the milky way, we are looking in plan view at M101, this offers a great perspective for analysis of the dynamics of the associated cluster.

Halton Arp noted the harmonic properties of quasicrystals: "An unexpected property of astronomical objects (and therefore an ignored and suppressed subject) is that their properties are quantized.
This first appeared when William Tifft, showed that the redshifts of galaxies occurred in certain preferred values, e.g 72, 144, 216, etc km/sec.


Arp contends that just about everything we can see in the direction of the Virgo Cluster is a family member of that cluster.
But he also notes that on the opposite side of the sky is a formation that is a mirror image of the Virgo Cluster: the Fornax Cluster.
What's true of one must be true of the other, implying that the visible universe consists of one all-encompassing cluster.
Our Local Group is somewhere in the middle. Arp speculates that there may be other such large clusters beyond the reach of present-day telescopes:
After all, the mother of our visible group must have come from somewhere.

A fast-moving, blue-light-emitting ring of knotted material that’s a light year in diameter and situated at the core of a galaxy doesn’t perplex astronomers who are familiar with plasma.
They can generate a miniature version of it in a plasma lab with the plasma focus device: It is the plasmoid that forms and stores energy at the focus of the discharge.
When the plasmoid reaches a critical energy level, it discharges its energy in a collimated jet along its axis in the form of electromagnetic radiation and neutrons.
Being unstable outside a nucleus, the neutrons soon decay into protons and electrons. The electrons are held back by the electromagnetic field, and the high-speed protons are beamed away.

At the galactic scale, this is the likely mechanism that produces the collimated jets streaming from the cores of active galaxies.
The masses of ejected protons may make up the quasars that are associated with these galaxies and could be the basis for the quasars’ intrinsic redshifts.

The Local Group is arbitrarily limited to objects whose redshifts are less than an indicative velocity of 300 km/sec.
If higher values are admitted, over a dozen other objects in that quadrant of the sky come under consideration. All occur along the same line.
One of these objects is 3C120, the radio galaxy with a jet that appears to be moving at six times the speed of light—if the galaxy is at it’s conventional redshift distance.
But if the galaxy is a member of the Local Group and is one of the ejecta of M31 whose redshifts are intrinsic, the jet is moving at only four percent the speed of light.
 Are the Local Group objects—including the Milky Way—the “children” of M31, “born” by ejection from the blue ring at the center of M31?
In and around the lines of high-z quasars one can often find so-called "companion galaxies.
These galaxies are smaller than the one they accompany, and their redshifts are a bit redder (but again the z's are quantized around certain preferred values).
And quite often these lines of quasars and companion galaxies are enveloped in "cocoons" of radio and x-ray, and sometimes optical, emission.

To the unconventional astronomer, especially to Halton Arp, who has been the primary collector of these discrepant observations,
it looks as if the primary galaxy is ejecting "babies" that grow up into companion galaxies.
Their decreasing z is an indicator of their age. Their slowing down is an indicator of their gain in mass
(This is because the conservation of their initial momentum--mass times velocity--requires the latter to decrease as the former increases in order to keep the product constant.)
Also, as their mass increases their luminosity will increase.

As they age they will cool, and the matter in them will begin to condense and to organize into stars.
Finally, the stars will organize into the familiar forms of galaxies. But long before they reach the "old age" of companion galaxies,

they may have ejected "babies" of their own, and the "babies" may have ejected "babies", generating a "family cluster" of galaxies and quasars.
The Virgo Cluster illustrates this "family picture" of the universe. The giant elliptical galaxy, M49, lies at the center of the cluster.
It is flanked by the active and radio-bright galaxy, M87, to the north and the quasar, 3C273, to the south.
All three objects are connected by a lane of radio and x-ray emission.

M87 is famous for the blue jet with quasar-like knots in it that extends toward the active galaxy M84.
In the other direction from M87, opposite M84, is another line of x-ray and radio sources.
The entire line is surrounded by an oval of small spiral galaxies.

Beyond M84 is the quasar PG1211, which has a line of quasars extending through it.
These last quasars would be the great-grandchildren of M49."

Aether Vibrations: "Nikolai Kozyrev proved the existence of the ether once and for all.
This new energy is neither electromagnetic in nature nor does it relate to gravity as it stands on its own.
The new form of energy discovered by Kozyrev is a spiralling non-Hertzian electromagnetic wave that travels through the vacuum at super-luminal speeds,
a billion times faster than light. Due to the spiraling nature of the wave, the wave is called a torsion wave since it traces a spiraling path!

According to some researchers the torsion wave also traces a perfect Phi spiral! Torsion waves are called non-Hertzian waves since they do not obey
the classical theory of Hertz and Maxwell.

Tom Bearden discovered that the fundamental wave in the electromagnetic wave is a scalar wave.
The scalar wave is the wave that remains when two opposite electromagnetic waves interfere cancelling out the electric and magnetic field components, just like Tesla did.
The result is a hitherto unrecognized component in the electromagnetic wave, a longitudinal wave vibrating in the same direction it is travelling.
Bearden’scalar waves now get support from Paul La Violette whose sub quantum kinetics theory not only predicts the Hertzian transverse waves but also Tesla's longitudinal scalar waves. 
According to Paul La Violette a monopole antenna such as a charged sphere will create longitudinal scalar potential waves when periodically charged and discharged.

Scalar potential waves can and have been detected using a Bendini detector. 

Torsion waves create minute forces in matter and that's how they can be detected. Torsion fields can be either static or dynamic.
Static torsion fields can take on the form of vortexes like the one mentioned in the implosion physics of Dan Winter.
These static vortex torsion fields in the fabric of the vacuum space can stay in one place for a very long period of time.
Kozyrev discovered that torsion fields can also propagate through space as torsion waves at tremendous speeds at least one billion times the speed of light.
He noticed that all physical objects both absorb and radiate torsion waves. By shaking, vibrating, deforming, heating and cooling physical objects they generate measurable torsion waves.
Even the displacement of an object generates torsion waves that can be measured.

All movement therefore from the vibrations of atoms to the orbits of our planets and stars leaves their traces in the form of torsion waves in the ether.
A very remarkable phenomenon that Kozyrev discovered by rotating gyroscopes is that they lose very small but measurable amounts of weight.
Also firmly shaking objects could make objects lose weight.

Dr. Harold Aspden of Cambridge University discovered a related phenomenon. He attached a powerful magnet to a gyroscope and spun it at high speeds.
He measured the amount of energy required to accelerate the gyroscope to full speed to be a 1000 Joules.
Now to his surprise when he stopped the gyroscope from spinning and restarted the gyroscope to spin again within 60 seconds after it stopped,
it required 10 times less energy to spin the gyroscope to the same speed. The spin of the gyroscope had added extra spin to the ether that sustains the gyroscope
that lasted for a while before it wore off, rather like the momentum stored in the tea of a teacup after stirring it with a teaspoon.
We now know that spinning magnets are strong torsion wave generators.
The counter rotating Phi spiralling electromagnetic waves in the implosion physics of Dan Winter that spiral into the nucleus of the atom,
likewise cancel the electromagnetic components of the electromagnetic waves and results in a torsion wave.
Russian science has actually many names for Dan Winter's electromagnetic energy vortexes such as spin fields, torsion fields and axion fields; they are all vacuum spin fields.

The doughnut and vortex structures of spiraling Golden Mean waves described by Dan Winter are forms of static torsion fields.
The spiralling into the zero still point of the electromagnetic vortex creates the following effects:
It accumulates 'infinite' energy due to the implosion of the waves into smaller and smaller wavelengths.

The shorter the wavelength the more energy is contained in the spiraling wave.
Like the tornado accumulates energy and focuses it into the eye of the tornado, the electromagnetic vortex accumulates energy into its still-point.
Notice that it is the extreme spinning of air molecules in the eye of a tornado that gives it its immense destructive power.
A spin field of electromagnetic energy stores inertia (the resistance to movement).

The more spin, the more inertia is stored.
The same inertia effect is demonstrated by spinning tops and gyroscopes that resist any change to their momentum.

If we appreciate these two effects created by torsion fields, we may start to understand why matter and energy
are interchangeable and what it is that gives matter its solidness.

If we organize vortex spin fields of electromagnetic energy into the organization patterns like the Platonic solids
we call it an atom, we may now understand that:
Matter is a dense form of accumulated energy Matter internally has properties of inertia that gives it mass."


Souls of Distortion article Akasha field

"Torsion waves are very remarkable waves as they never wear off, they propagate to the far corners of the universe without loosing their momentum and in this respect they have eternal life.
Torsion waves as they travel through the physical vacuum do not encounter any friction; therefore they maintain their energy.
As torsion waves traverse the universe they interfere with other torsion waves.
Over time they weave a tapestry of the history of all that has ever happened within the universe from the movement of the smallest sub atomic particle,
to the revolution of the planets, and the expansion of galaxies.
Remember that torsion waves are generated by many phenomena such as the vibration or displacement of matter,
electromagnetic energy and our conscious thoughts to name a few.

Torsion fields are therefore information fields as they encode everything that has left its traces in the form of torsion waves in this universe.
This boils down to the recoding of every little thought that was ever thought and every little move that was ever made.
The interference patterns of the torsion waves form a huge hologram that permeates the whole of the universe.

Torsion waves allow for information transfer across the universe,
connecting every atom in the universe with every other atom and since torsion waves travel at super luminous speeds they could be
the explanation of the non-local effects that were predicted in theory and discovered by experiment in quantum physics.
The information field created by torsion waves in the universe allows for a coherent whole of the universe,
connecting every little atom in the universe with all other matter in the universe informing it of its whereabouts and activity. 

The information field described above is termed the A-field by Professor Emeritus Ervin Laszlo. Laszlo in the
last four decades developed an integral theory for everything, instead of specialising in one particular field,
Laszlo has studied many fields of science and finally developed an integral system theory.
According to Laszlo the A-field is more fundamental than energy and matter in the universe.
It’s this primordial information field that is the ground of our universe interconnecting everything with everything rending our view
of separate entities in this universe useless.
In his system theory there are no separate entities as all ‘separate’ entities that we observe in our universe are all embedded in one seamless interwoven net of connections.

The A-field of torsion waves may be new to science, its existence has been known for thousands of years in the East.
The only new thing about it is that it is being rediscovered by western science.
Eastern spiritual tradition has named this field the Akashic field. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning radiating or shining, it’s the equivalent for ether.
Akasha is the womb of creation bringing forth every physical aspect that can be perceived with the senses according to eastern traditions.
In ancient eastern spirituality the history written within the Akashic field are called the Askashic chronicles, the book of life
that records everything that has ever happened or will happen in the universe.
The Akashic chronicles or Akashic records contains the story of every soul that ever lived on this planet.

The Akashic records, are holographic torsion fields of individuals that embed in larger holograms of groups of peoples such as nations.
The holograms of nations weave the hologram of humanity on Earth and resembles to what Carl Jung called the collective mind of man.
The A-field or Akashic field can explain the psychic abilities reported by many people to see into the past and know about events that took place
in this world that were not perceived by any personal cognitive conscious experience.
The Akashic records are the storehouse of information that has been consulted by all great seers throughout the ages including Edgar Cayce."

Universe to SubPlanck scaling by Phi Ratio

 Quasicrystal Structure of Universe: Fractal phi scaling to SubPlanck phase space (Unity Consciousness)

Fractal Universe promoter Colin Hill points out the internet makes it possible for armchair cosmologoists to
make their own conclusions from the numerous photos available. He suggests "professional defenders of conventional cosmology,
who might be expected to welcome the uncovering of fractal organization, are the very ones who oppose it.
When it comes to the crunch they prefer the idea of a chaotic cosmos, destined for entropic nothingness".

Dharmakaya Bodhisattvas
In Buddhism there are many words - quite a large number of words for Ultimate Reality. Buddhism is very rich in these words.

In English we can only say 'God', 'Reality', 'Truth', and then we about come to an end, or
maybe 'the Absolute - though people don't usually refer to that in everyday conversation - but Buddhism is very rich in terms,
in words, for Ultimate Reality. And each word, each term, represents or embodies a particular aspect, and each one has its own special flavour,
its own particular connotation or shade of meaning.

The word Bodhisattvas of the Dharmakaya - translates literally as 'Body of Truth’.
Buddha has three bodies, a 'Body of Transformation’, a 'Glorious Body', and a 'Body of Truth’.

Dharmakaya means, Ultimate Reality as constitutive, or as the constitutive essence of Buddhahood and Bodhisattvahood.
It means Reality, Ultimate Reality as the fountainhead as it were of Enlightened being and Enlightened personality,
as the fountainhead from which, as it were, Buddha forms and Bodhisattva forms come welling up inexhaustibly and immeasurably.

Bodhisattvas of the Dharmakaya are of two kinds, though really at this level, one can't speak in terms of differences or kinds at all.
The first kind of Bodhisattvas of the Dharmakaya consist of those who, after Enlightenment, after becoming Buddhas, retain their Bodhisattva forms
though being in Reality Buddhas - so that they can continue working in the world.

And secondly, those who are aspects, or direct emanations, if you like, of the Dharmakaya.

So these two kinds make up the Bodhisattvas of the Dharmakaya.
They are all, archetypal forms of Buddhahood or the Buddha mind or the Enlightenment essence.
And all these archetypal forms of Bodhisattvas, reveal one or another aspect, manifest or embody, incarnate one
or another aspect of the one Buddhahood. And there are literally hundreds of these forms.

David Wilcox 
Esoteric understanding of “Great Central Sun”
Since we are indeed dealing with a sphere that is a luminous plasma, many esoteric schools of thought refer to this Central Sphere as the “Great Central Sun.
Central Sphere begins oscillating (vibrating)

So, we now have the birth and growth of the Great Central Sun.
Multiple “standing waves” nest around the Great Central Sun, giving a layered, onionlike appearance to the vibrational energy structure of the Universe.
The Great Central Sun will be in the middle, and the spherical standing-wave layers will extend all the way out to the very edge of the Universe.

Oscillations of Central Sphere harmonize with the “second”
Clear evidence also points to the fact that each major pulsation of the Great Central Sun is in perfect harmony with the unit of time that we call the second.
Dr. O. Crane believes that there is a different “nested” sphere within a central oscillator for each major pulsating frequency that it produces.
As a hypothetical example, the outer sphere may pulsate once per second, the next inner sphere may pulsate two times per second, the next three times per second, the next five, the next eight and so on, following the “phi” ratio.
Based on this assertion, we will see various harmonics of pulsation that are much smaller and much larger than the second, but they will always be related to it in exact intervals
Thus, layer after layer of spherical energy fields will form between the ‘central oscillator’ and the outer boundary of the known sphere of the Universe.
These “standing waves” will be nested together much like the layers of an onion.
Due to the wave-interference patterns being different for each sphere, each of these nested spheres will have a different aetheric density.
Obviously, there is more energetic power and strength when a pulsation is first excited away from the central oscillator than when a pulsation has traveled all the way out to the edge of the sphere and back.
Therefore, the areas of highest aetheric density will be towards the center of the sphere.
Consequently, the spherical areas closest to the far edge of the sphere will be lowest in density, since the push-pull of the spherical waves will be just about equal, thus reducing the amount of compression and pressure.
So, the spheres that are closest to the central oscillator will have the highest density and pressure, and they will continually decrease in density as we move towards the outermost edge."

Fits well with Dan Winter's discovery, Planck wavelength time powers of Φ plot Hydrogen, Schumann and Cranial Tides.

Human temperature gradient also scaled in Phi.


Body temperatures vary, even within humans. The body temperatures of mammals range from around 97° to over 103° Fahrenheit.
The phi point between the freezing temperature (32° F) and the boiling temperature (212° F) of water is 100.8° F, or 38.2° Centigrade.

Realtime exploration of Cosmo-Genetic Family Tree

Understanding SubPlanck scale is both conscious and a realm of thought creation we developed an interstellar + intergalactic ROAD MAP for OBE - Remote Viewing experiments between 2000 - 2007.
Monroe Institue developed an almost identical method and map in their 'STARLINES' program for advanced OBEers.

Knowledge of our vast universe has become common knowledge through the media and many have felt a calling to become “Galactic Ambassadors”
or have awakened within themselves memories of extra-terrestrial experiences.
Some have even had contact with extra-terrestrial beings or intelligences.
STARLINES provides a “grounded” common-knowledge base for these experiences.
Yet, The Monroe Institute could not have done this program ten years ago (2006).
The materials did not exist nor did the knowledge or our expanded understanding of the universe.

Skip Atwater summarizes "In keeping with the continuing development of methods and techniques promoting
the evolution of human consciousness, this qualitative study of STARLINES, a graduate residential program at The Monroe Institute,
examined the subjective reports of one hundred and one volunteer participants from five seminar programs.
STARLINES is a program designed for the exploration of the expansive physical universe and its connectedness with consciousness itself.

The research methodology applied an interpretive approach based on hermeneutics and phenomenology.
Participant in-program questionnaires were analyzed with three different techniques: hermeneutics (word meaning),
semiotics (symbol interpretation), and the narrative and metaphor (story analysis) method using computer- analysis software.

Results of this study indicate that using Hemi-Sync® exercises in conjunction with outer-space telescopic research to provide a launch pad,
STARLINES successfully uses inner space—consciousness itself—to explore outer space.
STARLINES helps participants to reclaim, remember (re-member, assemble once again) and integrate parts of Self with I-There,
I-There Clusters, and knowledge of Total Self. STARLINES delves into the inner realms of Focus-34/35 and beyond establishing and
strengthening the link between Earth and the Galactic Core, the central point of our Milky Way galaxy, a consciousness portal or
Stargate and a means to enter the creative stream of the Great Emitter.Gate of God
STARLINES is the recognition that participants traverse time and space as Galactic Ambassadors, as representatives of earth- human-consciousness.
As diplomatic envoys, knowing a little bit about where we are in the scheme of things seems appropriate.
Consciously imprinting this information makes it available for non-verbal communication and demonstrates our willingness
to recognize a greater community of celestial beings.
Introduction to Space Station Alpha Squared and the Memory Room, is somewhat different from the previous exploration of the solar system
and the intriguing expedition into the star systems of the local bubble.
In the consciousness state of Focus-42, another “mind tool” is introduced that could be described as a space station.
Similar to Voyager 8, Space Station Alpha Squared is an inter-dimensional construct that can project into a variety of environs,
locales that seem more or less solid from the perspective of the observer. Space Station Alpha Squared is not just one thing or
one place but an array of perceptual venues. It provides a welcome opportunity for rest as well as further integration of the discoveries
made during STARLINES explorations.
Voyager 8 is a mental construct of the STARLINES participants for collective use by the same. Space Station Alpha Squared, however,
is thought to exist independently— created by beings representing many aspects of the time-space continuum, as well as those beyond time-space.
As such, it is available for all voyagers who endeavor to become aware of its existence."

Golden ratio Pulsars-Galactic Centre runway lights:
Skip again "The next exercise, Exploring the Crab, Vela, and Millisecond Pulsars, appears to have been designed as a galactic orientation.
Much like modern man is aware that Earth is the third planet from the Sun in our solar system, this exercise asks that we become similarly aware of the Milky Way galaxy.
As points of reference, three distinct pulsars are observed—noting their galactic locales. Their electronic signatures, in the form of radio-wave sounds, are also identified.

The next exercise, Intro Focus-49 Exploring the Local Group Including the Andromeda Galaxy,
expands the voyages of the STARLINES participants beyond the boundaries of the Milky Way. Focus-49 is the state from which it becomes easy to
perceive the seemingly infinite sea of bonded I-There Clusters and continue to know and re-member (assemble again) Total Self.

In Focus-49, another “mind tool” called Space Station AlphaX is introduced. From this locale, still within the dimensional
energies of the Milky Way, yet closer to the Stargate of the Galactic Core (described later in this report), participants are able to comfortably
and clearly launch explorations of our surrounding galaxies. Space Station AlphaX is an ethereal milieu and may not appear solid to the observer,
as did some of the areas on Space Station Alpha2.

Like Space Station Alpha2, Space Station AlphaX is thought to exist independently—created by beings representing many
aspects of the time-space continuum, as well as those beyond time-space. From here, STARLINES explorers begin their voyages into the local group of galaxies
close to the Milky Way."

The Ninth Dimension (which we call Eighth Density or Focus 49+)

"The ninth dimension primarily focuses its energy on intergalactic activities and endeavors.
Because the ninth dimension interconnects galaxies, it has very unusual light frequencies and light/sound harmonics.
These light frequencies and harmonics form a self-regulating system that oversees the evolution of all of the galaxies.
This is a very important function as no one galaxy can evolve at a rate or pace to imbalance the universe.

Barbara Hand Clow (with Gerry Clow) in her book, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions writes with great clarity about the ninth dimension.
She maintains that the Milky Way is the entirety of the 9th dimension and contains a black hole in its very middle from which flow intergalactic energies.
She feels that from this source are derived the origins of time itself.

From the perspective of human soul evolution, once you have vibrated to all nine dimensions,
you have officially completed your universal experience and are free to come or leave the universe."

The ninth (8th Density) is a dimension below subPlanck Phase Space.
This subPlanck realm of Thought is accessible and applied consciously from 5th-8th Density's.
SubPlanck fractal phi waveforms are by nature frictionless - therefore instantaneous - sizeless - phi harmonics link all time and every size.

Experienced and accounted for defines Unity Consciousness.

Infolding vortex of Great Attractor

Within the boundaries of the Laniakea Supercluster, galaxy motions are directed inward, in the same way that water streams follow descending paths toward a valley.
The Great Attractor (Norma) region is a large flat bottom gravitational valley with a sphere of attraction that extends across the Laniakea Supercluster.

Virgo A centre M87

Charles Fleischer (also "Fleischer's Universe" streams) recently found Golden ratio linking Gamma Ray Bursts (new Paper in the process), his initial work: Can Sequentially Linked Gamma-Ray Bursts Nullify Randomness;
"In order to nullify the property of randomness perceived in the dispersion of gamma-ray bursts (GRB’s) we introduce two new procedures.
1. Create a segmented group of sequentially linked GRB's and quantify the resultant angles.
2. Create segmented groups of sequentially linked GRB's in order to identify the location of GRB’s that are positioned at equidistance, by using the selected GRB as the origin for a paired point circle, where the circumference of said circle intercepts the location of other GRB's in the same group.
Because none of the current models used to describe the origin of GRB's consistently explains the variety of behaviors attributed to them it is difficult to concur that any one of them is valid. Therefore a new hypothesis is required, one that could explain the matrix of interrelated patterns revealed in this paper. 
Gamma-ray bursts are a form of communication; the explosive “dots and dashes” are analogous to a supremely advanced geometric version of 3D Morse code. The tuned sequences of bursts represent the methodology of a cosmically ancient, extremely advanced civilization, transmitting a message that reveals the nature of their extraordinary technological achievements. The ultimate form of skywriting blasted from the past towards the galaxies of the future. Creating sub-sets based on commonalities is an effective way to analyze lots of data. A technique exemplified by Vavrek et al. 2008, dividing over 2,000 BATSE GRB’s into 5 groups based on the time duration of each GRB. Time was also a factor in sub-dividing the over 1000 recorded GRB’s used in this study. However in this case the element of time was applied to occurrence rather than duration. What differentiates this study from others is the choice to incorporate information regarding the sequence in which the events unfolded, literally combining time and space."

Map of Gamma bursts in galactic co-ordinates.

Barbara Hand Clow in "The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions" relates a message from the Pleiadians who say Gamma ray bursts cause humans to become seers who are conscious in nine dimensions simultaneously (nine dimensions is galactic awareness).