Friends who have inspired aspects of this project

Bucky Fuller: E Tetra.
Dan Winter: Vortex dynamics.
David Koski: Volumetric golden spiral.
Sandor Kabai: Rhombic Structures.
Robert Meurant: Space Station designs.
RA the Law of One: Social Memory Complex from Venus.
Richard Merrick: Golden Ratio music theory.
Krsanna Duran: Mayan Earthgrid research.
Mark White: Dodecahedron Genetic Code.
Djwal Khul: A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.
Earthgrids: Google Earth upload.
Expanding Earth: Expanding Earth.
Barry Carter: Ormes research.
Stephen Phillips: Polyhedral Universe.
Marvin Solit:  Five VE’s
Robert Gray: Disdyakis Triacontahedron.
Fractal Solar System: Golden Ratio Space-Time.
Dawn Stranges: Sevenfold Etheric Forces.
Lynnclaire Dennis: 120 polyhedron Mereon Matrix
Susan Alexjander: Music.
Scott Vorthmann: Zometool like modelling software i use.
MaeWan Ho: Golden Ratio fractal as Spacetime continuum.
Mark Comings: Quantum Plenum.
P.R. Sarkar: Microvita & Cosmology.
Monroe Institute: Advanced Out-of-Body explorations.