Lessons available as a series of PDF's, JPG's & videos
(audio Skype is also available):   contact us for details.

This section is a work in progress, we have received a number of requests asking for more specific construction details.
Each lesson leads to the next, as progress is made intuition takes over and self initiated learning develops.
Thirty years of experience is contained here, both scientific research and shamanic metaphysical exploration.

1:  Construction of the golden ratio tetrahedra.

EUVW tetrahedra

2: Construction of the golden ratio tetra spiral.Golden Tetra Spiral

3: Constructing  the Rhombic Triacontahedron.RT COVER

7: Stargates and OBE travel: Our shamanic explorations were almost identical to the Monroe Starlines Program.STARGATES

8: Astrology for StarSeed, StarKids and couples.Starseed Astro

9: Transpersonal Alphanumerics.ALPHANUMERIC EQUATIONS shortened_000001

10: Music: Fibonacci & Bilateral Keyboard Symmetry.Bilateral Keyboard Symmetry

11: Fifth Dimensional Permaculture, a dynamic social structure.5D Permaculture

12: Movie Set designs for the positive future timeline.Movie Set Designs

13: Computing Architecture for 3D holographic computer storage.Holographic 3D Computer Architecture